Irina Baronova

as Irina Norozova (segment "The Composer") in the movie Train of Events

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Was born at 13 March 1919 in Petrograd, Russia [now St. Petersburg, Russia] . Died at 28 June 2008, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia (natural causes)
There is some small facts about Irina Baronova:
  • Mother of 'Victoria Tennant (I)'
  • With 'Tamara Toumanova' , 13, and 'Tatiana Riabouchinska' , 15, one of the "baby ballerinas". This was a nickname given to the trio in 1933, during their first season in London, by the ballet writer Arnold Haskell.
  • Godfather of her daughter Victoria is 'Laurence Olivier' .
  • Ex-mother-in-law of 'Steve Martin (I)' and 'Matthew Chapman (I)' .
  • Mother-in-law of 'Kirk Stambler' .
  • She danced her first Odette in "Swan Lake" when she was just age 14.
  • (September 2003) Byron Bay, Australia.
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There is the list of movies, where Irina Baronova was taked part:
1 Train of Events movie Train of Events 1949 as Irina Norozova (segment "The Composer")
2 Ballets Russes movie Ballets Russes 2005 as Herself
3 Florian movie Florian 1940 as Trina
4 Les Sylphides movie Les Sylphides 1938 as Herself - Dancer
5 Toast to Love movie Toast to Love 1951 as Yolanda Petrova
6 Yolanda movie Yolanda 1943 as Dancer
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