Mona Barrie

as Lady Mary Bristol in the movie Charlie Chan in London

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Real name is Smith, Mona
Was born at 18 December 1909 in London, England, UK . Died at 27 June 1964, Los Angeles, California, USA

Sometimes described as a poor man's 'Kay Francis (I)' , brunette,hazel-eyed Mona Barrie possessed neither quite the looks nor thepersonality required to become a major player in 1930's Hollywood. Nonetheless, the London-born and Australian-educated former childhoodballerina (born Mona Barlee, daughter of veteran comedian Phil Smith)enjoyed a fairly substantial career as a versatile 'second lead' formore than two decades. Soon after being spotted by a talent scout on aFifth Avenue bus in New York, Mona signed with Fox in 1932 and wasimmediately cast as one of two female leads in Sleepers East (1934) , a failed attempt by Fox to remake MGM'sall-star mega hit Grand Hotel (1932/I) as a train-bound crimedrama. That same year, she also played a supporting role in thepost-Civil War romance Carolina (1934) , which established thefact that she wore elaborate gowns exceedingly well.

The New York Times(January 9, 1935) caustically commented about her role in Mystery Woman (1935) : "The players go through the requiredmotions with a minimum of effort, except perhaps for Mona Barrie, whomust have had to spend a great deal of time and energy being fitted forthe extensive wardrobe she displays". In fact, Mona was voted byseveral newspapers as one of the best dressed women in Hollywood andacclaimed by the designer 'Royer' for her innate fashion sense. During her tenure at Fox, Mona's varied career encompassed an entry intothe Charlie Chan series, as well as starring roles in themystery-comedy Ladies Love Danger (1935) and the actionadventure Storm Over the Andes (1935) , opposite'Antonio Moreno (I)' . There were others. However, none of thesesecond features generated much publicity or box office success and Monatook a chance, walked out on her contract and was out of work for sixmonths.

Picked up by Warner Brothers, she bought a house in BeverlyHills, complete with swimming pool and croquet lawn. Loaned out to MGM,she at last appeared in distinguished company, alongside'Joan Crawford (I)' and 'Clark Gable (I)' in Love on the Run (1936) . In the course of the next decade, asbefore, Mona made the most of her limited opportunities, oftentypically cast as 'the other woman', as perfunctory western heroines,the occasional villainess or glamorous clothes horse, or even poppingup as 'Franklin Pangborn' 's wife in 'W. C. Fields' 's madcapfarce Never Give a Sucker an Even Break (1941) .

There were somegood reviews, too, for films like Skylark (1941) and Cairo (1942) . By the end of the 40's, the law of diminishingreturns began to apply, with ever fewer roles on offer. After anuncredited bit in Warner's Plunder of the Sun (1953) , Monacalled it a day and retired from films. She maintained her residence inLos Angeles, where she died in June 1964, aged just 54. .

There is some small facts about Mona Barrie:
  • Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
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There is the list of movies, where Mona Barrie was taked part:
1 Charlie Chan in London movie Charlie Chan in London 1934 as Lady Mary Bristol
2 Unwelcome Stranger movie Unwelcome Stranger 1935 as Madeline Chamberlain
3 A Message to Garcia movie A Message to Garcia 1936 as Spanish Spy
4 A Tragedy at Midnight movie A Tragedy at Midnight 1942 as Alta Wilton
5 All Men Are Enemies movie All Men Are Enemies 1934 as Margaret Scrope
6 Cairo movie Cairo 1942 as Mrs. Morrison
7 Carolina movie Carolina 1934 as Virginia Buchanan
8 Cass Timberlane movie Cass Timberlane 1947 as Avis Elderman
9 Dawn on the Great Divide movie Dawn on the Great Divide 1942 as Sadie Rand
10 Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring movie Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring 1941 as Nurse Marian Tracy
11 Here Comes Trouble movie Here Comes Trouble 1936 as Evelyn Howard
12 I Cover Big Town movie I Cover Big Town 1947 as Dora Hilton
13 I Met Him in Paris movie I Met Him in Paris 1937 as Helen Anders
14 I Take This Woman movie I Take This Woman 1940 as Sandra Mayberry
15 Ill Fix It movie Ill Fix It 1934 as Anne Barry
16 Just Before Dawn movie Just Before Dawn 1946 as Harriet Travers
17 King of Burlesque movie King of Burlesque 1936 as Rosalind Cleve
18 Ladies Love Danger movie Ladies Love Danger 1935 as Rita Witherspoon
19 Lady in a Jam movie Lady in a Jam 1942 as Woman
20 Lady with Red Hair movie Lady with Red Hair 1940 as Mrs. Brooks
21 Love on the Run movie Love on the Run 1936 as Baroness Hilda
22 Love, Honor and Behave movie Love, Honor and Behave 1938 as Lisa Blake
23 Love, Honor and Oh-Baby! movie Love, Honor and Oh-Baby! 1940 as Deedee Doree
24 Men Are Such Fools movie Men Are Such Fools 1938 as Beatrice Harris
25 Mountain Justice movie Mountain Justice 1937 as Evelyn Wayne
26 Murder Among Friends movie Murder Among Friends 1941 as Clair Turk
27 My Dog Rusty movie My Dog Rusty 1948 as Dr. Toni Cordell
28 Mystery Woman movie Mystery Woman 1935 as Margaret Benoit
29 Never Give a Sucker an Even Break movie Never Give a Sucker an Even Break 1941 as The Producer's Wife
30 One Dangerous Night movie One Dangerous Night 1943 as Jane Merrick
31 One Night of Love movie One Night of Love 1934 as Rosa Lally
32 Plunder of the Sun movie Plunder of the Sun 1953 as Tourist
33 Road to Happiness movie Road to Happiness 1941 as Millie Rankin
34 Say It in French movie Say It in French 1938 as Lady Westover
35 Skylark movie Skylark 1941 as Charlette Gorell
36 Sleepers East movie Sleepers East 1934 as Ada Robillard
37 Something to Sing About movie Something to Sing About 1937 as Stephanie 'Steffie' Hajos
38 Storm Over Lisbon movie Storm Over Lisbon 1944 as Evelyn
39 Storm Over the Andes movie Storm Over the Andes 1935 as Theresa
40 Strange Fascination movie Strange Fascination 1952 as Diana Fowler
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