Maria Barroso

as La voix des saints in the movie Le soulier de satin

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Real name is Maria de Jesus Simões Barroso Soares
Was born at 2 May 1925 in Fuzeta, Portugal . Died at 7 July 2015, São Domingos de Benfica, Lisbon, Portugal (complications from a fall)
There is some small facts about Maria Barroso:
  • Is the mother of João Soares, also a politician, who became Presidente da Câmara (mayor) of Lisbon, the Portuguese capital
  • Was president of the Portuguese Cruz Vermelha (Red Cross).
  • Eventually became the wife of Mario Soares, leader of the Portuguese Socialist Party, later elected President of the Republic.
Also look some video clip about Maria Barroso:
There is the list of movies, where Maria Barroso was taked part:
1 Le soulier de satin movie Le soulier de satin 1985 as La voix des saints
2 Amor de Perdição movie Amor de Perdição 1979 as Madre Superiora
3 Benilde ou a Virgem Mãe movie Benilde ou a Virgem Mãe 1975 as Genoveva, the house-keeper
4 Com Que Voz movie Com Que Voz 2009 as Herself
5 Gala das Vedetas Portuguesas movie Gala das Vedetas Portuguesas 1987 as Herself
6 Gala Prémio Autores movie Gala Prémio Autores 2012 as Herself
7 Lápis Azul movie Lápis Azul 2012 as Herself
8 Mudar de Vida movie Mudar de Vida 1966 as Júlia
9 Prémios Bordalo 1993 movie Prémios Bordalo 1993 1994 as Herself
10 Prémios Bordalo 1994 movie Prémios Bordalo 1994 1995 as Herself
11 Prémios Bordalo 1995 movie Prémios Bordalo 1995 1996 as Herself
12 República de Abril movie República de Abril 2010 as Herself
13 Todos Ao Palco movie Todos Ao Palco 1996 as Herself
14 Troféu Nova Gente movie Troféu Nova Gente 1997 as Herself
15 Vozes de Abril movie Vozes de Abril 2008 as Herself
16 Agora Nós movie Agora Nós 2014 as Herself
17 Amor de Perdição: Memórias de uma Família movie Amor de Perdição: Memórias de uma Família 1978 as Madre Superiora, tia de Teresa
18 Capitali culturali dEuropa movie Capitali culturali dEuropa 1983 as Herself - Reciter
19 Dança Comigo movie Dança Comigo 2006 as Herself - Jury Member
20 Heranças DOuro movie Heranças DOuro 2005 as Herself
21 HermanSIC movie HermanSIC 2000 as Herself
22 Interiores movie Interiores 1993 as Herself
23 Jet 7 movie Jet 7 1996 as Herself (1997)
24 Mulheres da Minha Vida movie Mulheres da Minha Vida 2010 as Herself
25 Sete à Sexta movie Sete à Sexta 1994 as Herself
26 Só Visto movie Só Visto 2005 as Herself (2008)
27 Uma Boa Ideia movie Uma Boa Ideia 1986 as Herself
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