Akshaya Bastia

as Ranjit Singhania in the movie Prema Sabuthu Balaban

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There is the list of movies, where Akshaya Bastia was taked part:
1 Prema Sabuthu Balaban movie Prema Sabuthu Balaban 2013 as Ranjit Singhania
2 Agnisikha movie Agnisikha 2007 as Pratik
3 Bou movie Bou 2000 as Amar Rautrai
4 Dhauli Express movie Dhauli Express 2007 as Adarsh
5 I Love My India movie I Love My India 2006 as Bikram Choudhury
6 Love You Hamesha movie Love You Hamesha 2015 as Police Inspector
7 Mu Raja Tu Rani movie Mu Raja Tu Rani 2013 as Kirtan
8 Satya Meba Jayate movie Satya Meba Jayate 2008 as Journalist
9 Shaashu Ghara Chaalijibi movie Shaashu Ghara Chaalijibi 2006 as Ashok
10 Tu Mo Girlfriend movie Tu Mo Girlfriend 2011 as Sekhar
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