Aileen Beale

as Margaret Saunders (Rod's Wife) in the movie Australia: The Story of Us

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There is the list of movies, where Aileen Beale was taked part:
1 Australia: The Story of Us movie Australia: The Story of Us 2014 as Margaret Saunders (Rod's Wife)
2 Behind Mansion Walls movie Behind Mansion Walls 2013 as Sister of Kent Kiegwin(Gillian Ison)
3 Music Box movie Music Box 2007 as Lorraine
4 Afterlife movie Afterlife 2006 as Marlee
5 Bring Her Home: Dead or Alive movie Bring Her Home: Dead or Alive 2008 as Senator Ironside
6 Brock movie Brock 2016 as Doris Billet
7 Brother to Brother movie Brother to Brother 2009 as Mrs O'Neil
8 Death in an Afternoon movie Death in an Afternoon 2010 as Eileen Cameron
9 Distance to Now movie Distance to Now 2015 as Sandy
10 Gossip Nation movie Gossip Nation 2012 as Mary
11 Green Fire Envy movie Green Fire Envy 2008 as Anne Sheppard
12 Haunted Australia movie Haunted Australia 2007 as Mary Cavanagh
13 Infini movie Infini 2015 as Technician D
14 Journey from Madness movie Journey from Madness 2012 as Dr. Slavnic
15 Kemi movie Kemi 2012 as Mary
16 Miasma movie Miasma 2006 as Det. Chief Inspector
17 Past the Hour movie Past the Hour 2013 as Deborah
18 Romancing Sydney movie Romancing Sydney 2013 as Customer 1
19 SFv1 movie SFv1 2016 as Lt. Crestal
20 Silent Eyes movie Silent Eyes 2014 as Lily Night
21 Spotless movie Spotless 2013 as Miriam
22 The Last Exchange movie The Last Exchange 2013 as Old Ruby
23 Weekend Warriors movie Weekend Warriors 2011 as Mum
24 When You Fall movie When You Fall 2013 as Jill Foster
25 Atomic Kingdom movie Atomic Kingdom 2013 as BR
26 Deadly Women movie Deadly Women 2008 as Jean Ann James
27 Love Child movie Love Child 2014 as Saleswoman Mark Foy
28 Nasty Pieces of Work movie Nasty Pieces of Work 2013 as Sheila
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