Dovie Beams

as Girl in Gold Bikini in the movie The Name of the Game

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Nashville-born Dovie Leona Osborne(b. August 5, 1932), was a pianoteacher before her brief tenure in B and C grade movies. Dovie'sgreatest notoriety, however, would come following her 1968-1970 flingwith Phillipine President Ferdinand Marcos. After allegedlyaudio-recording their sexual trysts in secret, Dovie presented thetapes to the press and divulged the affair.

This ignited a scandalwhich shook that country to its roots for years to come, significantlydamaging Marcos' reputation, and marking Dovie as a potentialassassination target. Since leaving the Phillipines in the wake of thissordid situation, Dovie's film career has stonewalled, and she remainsfar from the public eye. The Beams/Marcos scandal was chronicled inHermie Rotea's 1983 book "Marcos' Lovey Dovie", though controversypersists concerning the book's factuality. .

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There is the list of movies, where Dovie Beams was taked part:
1 The Name of the Game movie The Name of the Game 1968 as Girl in Gold Bikini
2 Guns of a Stranger movie Guns of a Stranger 1973 as Virginia Duncan
3 Maharlika movie Maharlika 1970 as Isabella
4 The Kentucky Fried Movie movie The Kentucky Fried Movie 1977 as Concubine (segment "A Fistful of Yen")
5 Wild Wheels movie Wild Wheels 1969 as Ann
6 History movie History 2013 as Herself
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