Talina Beard

as Paige Minor in the movie Inner Demons the Thrillogy

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Talina Beard, born in Queens, NY , now lives in Atlanta, GA where shewas raised. She started her career in entertainment at age 13 by beinginvolved in Theatre with the Teen Drama Team at her church in Atlanta. Performing with the Drama Team opened many doors with access toauditions for film productions in the Atlanta area. After graduatingfrom high school, one of her poems was in a poetry competition in LosAngeles, CA.

She and her mother flew to Los Angeles for the poetrycompetition, and while there, her experience with people in film andthe entire atmosphere caused her to fall in love with the filmindustry. When she returned to Atlanta she started taking classes withHattie Lemon as her instructor. As a result of taking the class, shelanded her first role as a Probation Officer in the movie "Cocaine". Areferral from Hattie to audition for the film "Living with Faith", byDeidre Thomas, led Talina to one of the leading roles (Tasha Mills) ofthe film. In the midst of all these great opportunities her family lostnearly everything and eventually her father went blind due to diabetesand could no longer work to provide for the family.

She was at a pointin her life when her success in the film industry really seemedhopeless. In spite of all she lost, Talina remained positive and keptthe faith. She would get filming in whenever she could while alsoworking a full-time job at a local sports bar in Atlanta. Things soonbegan a turn for Talina. Staying persistent, disciplined, and focusedon her goal, Talina has acquired roles on many projects such as Stompthe Yard, BET's The Monique Show, Sunday's Best, Shake (Film by DeidreThomas), C.

I. G. A. R (Film by Yahya McClain), No More Games (film byEmbree Perry),Featured in the new television series " Templeton Pride,"as Erika Thomas,Also starring in the film "At Peace With The Economy"by Scriptwork Productions coming out Spring of 2013. .

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There is the list of movies, where Talina Beard was taked part:
1 Inner Demons the Thrillogy movie Inner Demons the Thrillogy 2013 as Paige Minor
2 A Time for Love movie A Time for Love 2013 as Tracy
3 C.I.G.A.R. movie C.I.G.A.R. 2011 as Holly
4 No More Games movie No More Games 2012 as Shelly
5 The Cinema Dolls movie The Cinema Dolls 2012 as Herself (2011)
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