May Beatty

as Woman at Police Station in the movie Mysterious Mr. Moto

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Was born at 4 June 1880 in Christchurch, New Zealand . Died at 1 April 1945, Covina, California, USA
There is some small facts about May Beatty:
  • Diminutive blonde actress, the daughter of a hotelier and theatre manager. First acted on stage as a child during the 1890's with the Pollard Opera Company. She had a penchant for musical comedy and later performed in Australia and England at music halls and variety theatres, often in tandem with the comedian Edward Lauri. She toured Australia and New Zealand again between 1922 and 1929, the following year moving to Hollywood. There, she played character roles in films right up until her death.
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There is the list of movies, where May Beatty was taked part:
1 Mysterious Mr. Moto movie Mysterious Mr. Moto 1938 as Woman at Police Station
2 Queen of the Mob movie Queen of the Mob 1940 as Ellen - Mrs. Sturgis' Maid
3 The Benson Murder Case movie The Benson Murder Case 1930 as Mrs. Paula Banning
4 The Crime of Dr. Forbes movie The Crime of Dr. Forbes 1936 as Deep-Voiced Woman
5 The Road to Singapore movie The Road to Singapore 1931 as Bridge Player on Ship
6 Vigil in the Night movie Vigil in the Night 1940 as Mrs. Merchant - Prescott's Housekeeper
7 A Crime Does Not Pay Subject: Theyre Always Caught movie A Crime Does Not Pay Subject: Theyre Always Caught 1938 as Grocery Clerk
8 A Damsel in Distress movie A Damsel in Distress 1937 as Landlady
9 A Tale of Two Cities movie A Tale of Two Cities 1935 as Aristocrat
10 Ann Vickers movie Ann Vickers 1933 as Nurse
11 Becky Sharp movie Becky Sharp 1935 as Briggs
12 Bonnie Scotland movie Bonnie Scotland 1935 as Mrs. Bunts
13 Call It a Day movie Call It a Day 1937 as Frank's Landlady
14 Camille movie Camille 1936 as Dowager
15 Chances movie Chances 1931 as Mayfair 1119
16 Dressed to Kill movie Dressed to Kill 1941 as Phyllis Lathrop
17 East Lynne movie East Lynne 1931 as Charity Bazaar Committee
18 Enchanted April movie Enchanted April 1935 as Martha
19 Eternally Yours movie Eternally Yours 1939 as Dowager
20 Ex-Flame movie Ex-Flame 1930 as Lady Harriett
21 Forever and a Day movie Forever and a Day 1943 as Wartime Londoner Cook
22 Four Days Wonder movie Four Days Wonder 1936 as Mrs. Parracot
23 Ghost Patrol movie Ghost Patrol 1936 as Landlady
24 Glamour movie Glamour 1934 as Journalist
25 Here Comes the Band movie Here Comes the Band 1935 as Miss Doyle
26 Horse Play movie Horse Play 1933 as The Duchess
27 I Am a Criminal movie I Am a Criminal 1938 as Maggie
28 I Wake Up Screaming movie I Wake Up Screaming 1941 as Lady Handel
29 If I Were King movie If I Were King 1938 as Anna
30 Lassie Come Home movie Lassie Come Home 1943 as Heavy Woman
31 Little Lord Fauntleroy movie Little Lord Fauntleroy 1936 as Mrs. Mellon
32 Living on Velvet movie Living on Velvet 1935 as Dowager
33 Lloyds of London movie Lloyds of London 1936 as Lady Markham
34 Love Is Dangerous movie Love Is Dangerous 1933 as Gloria
35 Mad Love movie Mad Love 1935 as Fran├žoise
36 Man-Proof movie Man-Proof 1938 as Landlady
37 Mary, Queen of Tots movie Mary, Queen of Tots 1925 as Governess
38 My Son, My Son! movie My Son, My Son! 1940 as Annie
39 Mystery of Edwin Drood movie Mystery of Edwin Drood 1935 as Second Gossip
40 Night Life of the Gods movie Night Life of the Gods 1935 as Mrs. Betts
There is the list of some articles of May Beatty:
  • "Variety" (USA), 11 April 1945, pg. 50:5, "May Beatty"
  • "New York Times" (USA), 3 April 1945, pg. 19:3, "May Beatty; Retired Actress of Stage and Screen Dies in California"
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