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Real name is Bonnie Bedelia Culkin
Was born at 25 March 1948 (now is 70 years old) in New York City, New York, USA

The native New Yorker was born Bonnie Bedelia Culkin on March 25, 1948,the daughter of Phillip Harley Culkin, a journalist, and Marian EthelWagner Culkin, a writer and editor. Trained in ballet, her parentsguided all of the children at one time or another into acting (whichincluded Christopher (Kit), Terry and 'Candace Culkin' ). Bonnieherself attended Quintano School for Young Professionals in New York atone point and Bonnie and Kit went on to appear on the local stage andTV. Brother Kit would later be known more for siring a handful oftalented child actors and/or stars ('Macaulay Culkin' ,'Kieran Culkin' , and the rest).

It was Bonnie who was first spotted among the other acting siblings by atalent scout who happened to catch her in a school production of "TomSawyer", and encouraged her. She made her professional debut at age 9in a 1957 North Jersey Playhouse production of "Dr. Praetorius" andthen was handed a full scholarship to study at'George Balanchine' 's New York City Ballet. But the acting bug hadbitten and after dancing in only four productions (including playingthe role of Clara in "The Nutcracker"), she decided to hang up herballet slippers. She proceeded to study at both the HB Studio andActors Studio in New York.

Bonnie nabbed a five-year role as young teen "Sandy Porter" in the NewYork-based daytime soap "Love of Life" (1951) starting in 1961. During that time, she took her first Broadway bow in "Isle ofChildren", a show that lasted but a week in March of 1962. She was alsoa replacement in the established hit comedy "Enter Laughing", a yearlater. After appearing in the stage play "The Playroom" in 1965, sheearned strong reviews for her touching performance in "My SweetCharlie", for which she won the 1967 Theatre World Award for "promisingnew artist". In it, she played a pregnant young Southern girl on thelam with a black lawyer.

'Patty Duke' recreated the role a fewyears later on TV and captured an Emmy. Films beckoned at this point and Bonnie made her debut lending topnotchsupport in The Gypsy Moths (1969) which reunited From Here to Eternity (1953) stars 'Burt Lancaster' and'Deborah Kerr' . She earned even better marks in her next twofilms, one performance simply haunting and the other one hilarious. Once again playing pregnant and once again delivering a touchingpathos, she played the dirt-poor marathon dancer who pitches songs forpennies and the almost-mother of 'Bruce Dern (I)' 's child in thesuperb, award-winning, Depression-era drama They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969) . On the other end of theacting spectrum, she played the lovable bride-to-be in theside-splitting comedy classic Lovers and Other Strangers (1970) .

By this time, Bonnie had started concentrating on family values. Shemarried scriptwriter 'Ken Luber' on April 24, 1969, and bore him ason, Yuri, the following year. The time off to focus on motherhood (shehad second son, 'Jonah Luber' , in 1976) proved detrimental to herrising star. The remaining decade was uneventful at best, despite somefine showings in a splattering of TV-movies. Her big comeback cameagain on the movie trail in the early 1980s when she absolutely nailedthe role of race car driver 'Shirley Muldowney' in Heart Like a Wheel (1983) .

She was surprisingly overlooked atOscar time, however, despite the praise she received. Despite respectedwork in subsequent movies such as Violets Are Blue. . . (1986) , The Prince of Pennsylvania (1988) , Presumed Innocent (1990) and a running role as'Bruce Willis' 's put-upon wife in Die Hard (1988) and itssequel, she found better and more frequent parts on TV.

She found herniche in TV-movies with social themes and tugged at more hearts in Switched at Birth (1991) (TV) , A Mother's Right: The Elizabeth Morgan Story (1992) (TV) , Any Mother's Son (1997) (TV) and To Live Again (1998) (TV) . In a change of pace, Bonnie joined the ensemble cast of the low-budgetcult comedy Sordid Lives (2000) , as "Latrelle", a homophobicwoman dealing with her mother's death, the imprisonment of her gaybrother and her own son's "coming out". The movie has recently evolvedinto a TV series, which is scheduled for some time in 2008 and reunitesher with original cast members 'Leslie Jordan' and'Olivia Newton-John' . Divorced from the father of her two children, she is presently marriedto third husband (or fourth, depending on your source of reference)actor 'Michael MacRae (I)' , whom she married in 1995. .

There is some small facts about Bonnie Bedelia:
  • Her picture appears on the cover of the book "The Films of Don Shebib" by 'Piers Handling' (Canadian Film Institute, Ottawa, 1978). 'Donald Shebib' was her director for Between Friends (1973) .
  • Sister of 'Christopher Culkin' , 'Candace Culkin' and Terry Culkin.
  • Aunt of 'Macaulay Culkin' , 'Kieran Culkin' , 'Dakota Culkin' , 'Rory Culkin' , 'Shane Culkin' , 'Christian Culkin' , and 'Quinn Culkin' .
  • She appears in two films based on 'Stephen King (I)' books where there's an evil antique shop owner in the plot (Salem's Lot (1979) (TV) and Needful Things (1993) ).
  • She has two children with 'Ken Luber' : Uri Luber (born 5 June 1970) and 'Jonah Luber' (born 15 June 1976).
  • Co-founded the Los Angeles Classic Theater Works.
  • She studied drama at HB Studio in Greenwich Village in New York City.
  • Her paternal grandfather was of Irish descent. Her other ancestry includes German, English, Swiss-German, and French.
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There is the list of movies, where Bonnie Bedelia was taked part:
1 A Season in Purgatory movie A Season in Purgatory 1996 as Valerie Sabbath
2 Alex: The Life of a Child movie Alex: The Life of a Child 1986 as Carole Deford
3 Heart Like a Wheel movie Heart Like a Wheel 1983 as Shirley Muldowney
4 Message to My Daughter movie Message to My Daughter 1973 as Janet Thatcher
5 Million Dollar Infield movie Million Dollar Infield 1982 as Marcia Miller
6 The Lady from Yesterday movie The Lady from Yesterday 1985 as Janet Weston
7 The Scent of Rain & Lightning movie The Scent of Rain & Lightning 2016 as Annabelle
8 Love of Life movie Love of Life 1951 as Sandy Porter (1961-1967)
9 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson movie The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson 1962 as Herself - Guest
10 2015 TV Land Awards movie 2015 TV Land Awards 2015 as Herself
11 A Mothers Right: The Elizabeth Morgan Story movie A Mothers Right: The Elizabeth Morgan Story 1992 as Dr. Elizabeth Morgan
12 A Question of Love movie A Question of Love 1978 as Joan Saltzman
13 A Time for Love movie A Time for Love 1973 as Kitty
14 Any Mothers Son movie Any Mothers Son 1997 as Dorothy Hajdys
15 Anywhere But Here movie Anywhere But Here 1999 as Carol
16 At Lionhead movie At Lionhead 2007 as Herself
17 Bad Manners movie Bad Manners 1997 as Nancy Westlund
18 Berkeley movie Berkeley 2005 as Hawkins
19 Between Friends movie Between Friends 1973 as Ellie
20 Broken Links movie Broken Links 2016 as Melanie
21 Death of an Angel movie Death of an Angel 1986 as Grace
22 Die Hard movie Die Hard 1988 as Holly Gennaro McClane
23 Die Hard 2 movie Die Hard 2 1990 as Holly McClane
24 Die Harder: The Making of Die Hard 2 movie Die Harder: The Making of Die Hard 2 1990 as Herself
25 Fat Man and Little Boy movie Fat Man and Little Boy 1989 as Kitty Oppenheimer
26 Fighting Back: The Story of Rocky Bleier movie Fighting Back: The Story of Rocky Bleier 1980 as Aleta
27 Flowers for Algernon movie Flowers for Algernon 2000 as Rose
28 Gloria movie Gloria 1999 as Brenda
29 Heatwave! movie Heatwave! 1974 as Laura Taylor
30 Her Costly Affair movie Her Costly Affair 1996 as Dr. Diane Weston
31 Homecoming movie Homecoming 1996 as Eunice Logan
32 Judicial Consent movie Judicial Consent 1994 as Gwen Warwick
33 Legacy of Sin: The William Coit Story movie Legacy of Sin: The William Coit Story 1995 as Jill Coit
34 Like Father Like Son movie Like Father Like Son 1987 as Lady with Gum in Hair
35 Locked in Silence movie Locked in Silence 1999 as Lydia
36 Lovers and Other Strangers movie Lovers and Other Strangers 1970 as Susan Henderson
37 Manhood movie Manhood 2003 as Alice
38 Memorial Day movie Memorial Day 1983 as Cass
39 Munchausen movie Munchausen 2013 as Mother
40 Needful Things movie Needful Things 1993 as Polly Chalmers
There is the list of some articles of Bonnie Bedelia:
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There is the list of some quotes of Bonnie Bedelia:
  • I like to do a movie, to be on it 8, 10 weeks. It evolves as you're working on it. Little things come to you every day. It's a slow process, and when you have to pack it into a short period of time, which you do for television, the experience is not one that I cherish. So if it's going to be television, it's really got to be the right thing.
  • It's hard to think it's important to try out as cheerleader when you're starring on Broadway. But you do kind of miss the things that I now see my children doing. I'm just happy they are not actors. The Valentine's Day dance is really important. Pitching in Little League is very important. And the medals and the scouts are really important.
  • I don't consider roles like in Die Hard (1988) what I do. This is like a hobby. It's fun. I had a good time. And I love being in a movie that people actually go see. But it's about things getting blown up. It's not about great character development.
  • When I was 14, my mother died. My father, who had always had ulcers, came apart. He had a series of intestinal operations, and was in the hospital for nearly a year. So the four of us teenagers lived by ourselves in the apartment without a guardian.
  • Unless you burst into movies as a sex goddess, you're likely to play wives and mothers. I came into movies as a teenager in They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969) playing a pregnant waif from the Ozarks. I didn't get a chance to burst into movies in 'Body Heat'. My career isn't based on having a 23-inch waist and a big bust, though I do.
  • Women over 35 have great stories, and the actresses are there, but you can't get the movies made.
  • I'm from New York; I've been in show business all my life. I'm a wild and crazy gal, yet I always play these soft, warm, loving earth mothers. It's a pain in the butt. I'm a femme fatale!
  • If someone were to come from another planet and see the world through movies, they'd think that the world was populated by white men in their 30s who shoot a lot.
  • I grew up in a slum neighborhood - rows of tenements, with stoops, and kids all over the street. It was a real neighborhood - we played kick-the-can and ring-a-levio.
  • If I spoke Italian, I'd be in Italy in a minute. I love the food, I love the way people live there. I mean, it really is my idea of paradise.
  • I didn't even know how to judge 'Die Hard 1.' It's not anything I know how to judge. I'd never seen an action movie. I'd never seen a Sly Stallone ('Silvester Stallone') movie or an 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' movie or a 'Charles Bronson (I)' movie. And that is the truth.
  • I don't take the roles home with me. I don't work that way. I don't understand that; I mean, I really don't when I hear that.
  • We need children to play the parts in movies. I'm just glad it's not my kids.
  • My grandfather had been on the New York City force with his 11 brothers around the turn of the century. He was killed in the line of duty. My father, who was 16, was the oldest son, so he had to quit school and go to work to support his mother.
  • I've had some interesting roles along the way, but they tend to be cause-driven. They're always about something. There isn't time for character work as an actor because you're fighting the cause or mourning the child or fighting the disease, etc.
  • It's pretty scary, but it really is just numbers. I heard someone say that, and it's true. I turn 65 in March, and I actually just got my Medicare card because I'd been dragging my feet about that. But, boy, do I not feel like 65. I feel like I'm 40.
  • I have two children - could I ever choose between them? Never. That's what 'Sophie's Choice' was about. If you have 50 children, you don't love one less.
  • Whenever there's heavy-duty emotional work to be done, they call me. As for playing the completely off-the-wall, sexy, gorgeous lady that I am - no, they don't think of me.
  • I look in the mirror, and I go, 'You look 40.' I feel like I look 40. I may not, but that's my feeling, so I can't really relate to it (being 65). I'm going to have to start. I can't say it's scary. It's weird; it's just weird.
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