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as Mildred Markham in the movie Divorced Sweethearts

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Was born at 9 October 1908 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA . Died at 9 May 1983, Escondido, California, USA

Marjorie Beebe grew up in Missouri before coming to California as ateenager with her mother. By 1924 she had been hired by Universal butit was only when she joined Fox that her career took off. Her talentfor comedy became apparent. She played support in a number of Foxfeatures before being given the title role in "The Farmer's Daughter"(1928).

She got excellent reviews for her performance and was hailed asthe best comedienne to emerge for many years. Mack Sennett, The King of Comedy, was also impressed and within a yearshe had joined him. Marjorie Beebe's career changed in two ways. Instead of appearing in feature length movies she now starred inSennett's two reel shorts. Instead of silent movies henceforth sheappeared in talkies.

She appeared in around forty shorts for Sennettmany of which he had specially written for her. The titles were oftennamed for her and she played a character called Marge. One of them"Cowcatcher's Daughter" (1931) was clearly a nod to her earlier Foxtriumph. She was also leased out to other studios including Paramountand Vitaphone. Sennett declared that Beebe had the potential to be thegreatest comedienne the screen had ever seen.

Sennett went bust in 1933 and Marjorie Beebe's career never recovered. She reverted to features and to support roles where her comic talentswere frankly wasted. In 1940 she retired permanently from the moviebusiness. She dabbled in property and lived in reasonable contentmentwith her last husband there had been brief marriages in the 1930s)AndyAndersen. .

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There is the list of movies, where Marjorie Beebe was taked part:
1 Divorced Sweethearts movie Divorced Sweethearts 1930 as Mildred Markham
2 Doubling in the Quickies movie Doubling in the Quickies 1932 as Marge Clancy
3 He Trumped Her Ace movie He Trumped Her Ace 1930 as Marge Smith Brooks
4 Hollywood Cavalcade movie Hollywood Cavalcade 1939 as Telephone Operator
5 Strange Birds movie Strange Birds 1930 as The Baron's Sweetheart
6 The Cowcatchers Daughter movie The Cowcatchers Daughter 1931 as Marge Martin
7 The Farmers Daughter movie The Farmers Daughter 1928 as Margerine Hopkins
8 The Human Fish movie The Human Fish 1932 as Marge - Swimming Coach
9 The Plumber and the Lady movie The Plumber and the Lady 1933 as Society Vamp
10 Three Who Loved movie Three Who Loved 1931 as Flirty Bank Customer
11 Uppercut OBrien movie Uppercut OBrien 1929 as Marge - Pop's Daughter
12 A Hollywood Star movie A Hollywood Star 1929 as Sophie Schmaltz
13 A Poor Fish movie A Poor Fish 1931 as Mrs. Eddie Brown
14 A Put Up Job movie A Put Up Job 1931 as Mrs. Blimpo
15 An Old Flame movie An Old Flame 1927 as An Old Flame
16 Ankles Preferred movie Ankles Preferred 1927 as Flo
17 Billion Dollar Scandal movie Billion Dollar Scandal 1933 as Floozie
18 Bring Em Back Sober movie Bring Em Back Sober 1932 as Hattie - Melvin's Wife
19 Bulls and Bears movie Bulls and Bears 1930 as Ethel Munson
20 Campus Crushes movie Campus Crushes 1930 as Marege Martin
21 City Girl movie City Girl 1930 as Waitress (silent version)
22 Clancy at the Bat movie Clancy at the Bat 1929 as Marge Clancy
23 Colleen movie Colleen 1927 as Kitty
24 Dance Hall Marge movie Dance Hall Marge 1931 as Marge Leroy
25 Docks of San Francisco movie Docks of San Francisco 1932 as Rose Gillen
26 Dont Bite Your Dentist movie Dont Bite Your Dentist 1930 as Undetermined Role
27 Dont Play Bridge with Your Wife movie Dont Play Bridge with Your Wife 1933 as Stoneage Woman/Anne Boleyn
28 Dragnet Patrol movie Dragnet Patrol 1931 as Mabel
29 Ex-Sweeties movie Ex-Sweeties 1931 as Agnes
30 False Impressions movie False Impressions 1932 as Maizie
31 Fat Wives for Thin movie Fat Wives for Thin 1930 as Marge Wadsworth
32 First Aid movie First Aid 1931 as Lil Hollins
33 Flames movie Flames 1932 as Gertie
34 Ghost Parade movie Ghost Parade 1931 as Marge Smith
35 Hills of Peril movie Hills of Peril 1927 as Sophia
36 Hold er Sheriff movie Hold er Sheriff 1931 as Marge Martin
37 Homesick movie Homesick 1928 as Babe
38 Honeymoon Zeppelin movie Honeymoon Zeppelin 1930 as Marge
39 Hot News Margie movie Hot News Margie 1931 as Margie
40 Hypnotized movie Hypnotized 1932 as Pearl - the Maid
There is the list of some articles of Marjorie Beebe:
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  • "Screenland" (USA), September 1927, Iss. XV, pg. 28-29, 100-01, by: Erle Hampton, "Margie's Magic"
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