Janet Beecher

as Mrs. Agatha Steward in the movie Beg, Borrow or Steal

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Real name is Meysenburg, Janet
Was born at 21 October 1884 in Jefferson City, Missouri, USA . Died at 6 August 1955, Washington, Connecticut, USA (heart attack)

Janet Beecher, daughter of the German vice-consul in Chicago, studiedacting at the Art Students League in New York. For almost three decadesshe made a name for herself as a leading actress in plays on theBroadway stage, beginning with a bit part in 'The Two Orphans' in 1903. Her hits included 'The Lottery Man' (1909-10), 'The Concert' (1910-11),'A Bill of Divorcement' (1921-22) and 'Courage' (1928-29). She made her Hollywood debut in 1933.

Despite consistently good criticalreviews, her theatrical stardom never translated to the screen. She wasdestined to be typecast as forthright wives and was particularly drollas Mrs. Barnum in The Mighty Barnum (1934) , opposite'Wallace Beery' . She also played sympathetic dowagers, genialfriends of the heroine and a multitude of steadfast mothers (best ofthose being 'Margaret Sullavan' 's in So Red the Rose (1935) and 'Tyrone Power' 's in The Mark of Zorro (1940) . In 1943,she returned to the stage and made her theatrical curtain call as thewife of the title character in 'The Late George Apley' the followingyear.


There is some small facts about Janet Beecher:
  • Sister of actress 'Olive Wyndham' .
  • She had a son named Richard.
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There is the list of movies, where Janet Beecher was taked part:
1 Beg, Borrow or Steal movie Beg, Borrow or Steal 1937 as Mrs. Agatha Steward
2 Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour movie Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour 1943 as Mrs. Lowry
3 The Man Who Lost Himself movie The Man Who Lost Himself 1941 as Mrs. Milford
4 The Mark of Zorro movie The Mark of Zorro 1940 as Senora Isabella Vega
5 A Letter from Bataan movie A Letter from Bataan 1942 as Mrs. 'Ma' Lewis
6 A Tragedy at Midnight movie A Tragedy at Midnight 1942 as Third Mrs. Charles Miller
7 A Very Young Lady movie A Very Young Lady 1941 as Miss Steele
8 All This, and Heaven Too movie All This, and Heaven Too 1940 as Miss Haines
9 Between Two Women movie Between Two Women 1937 as Miss Pringle
10 Big City movie Big City 1937 as Sophie Sloane
11 Bitter Sweet movie Bitter Sweet 1940 as Lady Daventry
12 Career movie Career 1939 as Mrs. Amy Cruthers
13 For Beautys Sake movie For Beautys Sake 1941 as Miss Merton
14 Gallant Lady movie Gallant Lady 1933 as Maria Sherwood
15 Give Till It Hurts movie Give Till It Hurts 1937 as Cathy Gaffney
16 Hi, Neighbor movie Hi, Neighbor 1942 as Hattie Greenfield
17 I Was a Convict movie I Was a Convict 1939 as Mrs. Martha Harrison
18 Id Give My Life movie Id Give My Life 1936 as Governor's wife
19 Judge Hardys Children movie Judge Hardys Children 1938 as Miss Budge, Suzanne's Tutor
20 Laugh It Off movie Laugh It Off 1939 as Mary Carter
21 Lets Live Tonight movie Lets Live Tonight 1935 as Mrs. Routledge
22 Love Before Breakfast movie Love Before Breakfast 1936 as Mrs. Colby
23 Man of Conquest movie Man of Conquest 1939 as Mrs. Sarah Lea
24 Men of Boys Town movie Men of Boys Town 1941 as Spokeswoman
25 Men of Texas movie Men of Texas 1942 as Mrs.Sam Houston
26 Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch movie Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch 1942 as Mrs. Olcott
27 My Dear Miss Aldrich movie My Dear Miss Aldrich 1937 as Mrs. Sinclair
28 Reap the Wild Wind movie Reap the Wild Wind 1942 as Mrs. Mottram
29 Rosalie movie Rosalie 1937 as Miss Baker
30 Say It in French movie Say It in French 1938 as Mrs. Carrington
31 Screen Snapshots Series 19, No. 1 movie Screen Snapshots Series 19, No. 1 1939 as Herself
32 Silver Queen movie Silver Queen 1942 as Mrs. Laura Forsythe
33 Slightly Honorable movie Slightly Honorable 1939 as Mrs. Cushing
34 So Red the Rose movie So Red the Rose 1935 as Sally Bedford
35 The Dark Angel movie The Dark Angel 1935 as Mrs. Shannon
36 The Gay Caballero movie The Gay Caballero 1940 as Kate Brewster
37 The Good Old Soak movie The Good Old Soak 1937 as Matilda Hawley
38 The Lady Eve movie The Lady Eve 1941 as Mrs. Pike
39 The Last Gentleman movie The Last Gentleman 1934 as Helen Barr, Cabot's daughter
40 The Longest Night movie The Longest Night 1936 as Mrs. Briggs, Carl's Mother
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