Diana Beevers

as Schoolgirl in the movie Blue Murder at St. Trinians

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Was born at 1944 (now is -0 years old) in London, England, UK
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There is the list of movies, where Diana Beevers was taked part:
1 Blue Murder at St. Trinians movie Blue Murder at St. Trinians 1957 as Schoolgirl
2 The Budds of Paragon Row movie The Budds of Paragon Row 1959 as Lydia Parkin
3 Carry on Teacher movie Carry on Teacher 1959 as Penelope 'Penny' Lee - Saboteur
4 Hand in Glove movie Hand in Glove 1955 as Ann
5 Submarine X-1 movie Submarine X-1 1968 as WRNS Officer
6 The Twopenny Diamond movie The Twopenny Diamond 1956 as Susan Mayfield
7 A Man of our Times movie A Man of our Times 1967 as Gwen
8 A Question of Guilt movie A Question of Guilt 1980 as Mary Ann Kent
9 BBC Sunday-Night Play movie BBC Sunday-Night Play 1960 as The Family
10 Call Oxbridge 2000 movie Call Oxbridge 2000 1961 as Lydia Burton
11 Compact movie Compact 1962 as Michelle 'Mitch' Donnelly (1963-1965)
12 Father Dear Father movie Father Dear Father 1968 as Margaret
13 ITV Play of the Week movie ITV Play of the Week 1955 as Eva Strachan
14 ITV Television Playhouse movie ITV Television Playhouse 1955 as Sophie
15 Mitch movie Mitch 1984 as Mrs. Fisher
16 No Appointment Necessary movie No Appointment Necessary 1977 as Vera
17 Public Eye movie Public Eye 1965 as Angie Gordon
18 Rumpole of the Bailey movie Rumpole of the Bailey 1978 as Usher
19 Sergeant Cork movie Sergeant Cork 1963 as Ruth Stevens
20 Summer Comedy Hour movie Summer Comedy Hour 1965 as Amy Spettigue
21 The Bill movie The Bill 1984 as Dr. Hewland
22 The Doctors movie The Doctors 1969 as Jill Ogden
23 The Revenue Men movie The Revenue Men 1967 as Liese Kersten
24 The Thompson Family movie The Thompson Family 1957 as Susan Thompson
25 Within These Walls movie Within These Walls 1974 as Isabelle Coyne
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