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Real name is Leslie Rae Bega
Was born at 17 April 1967 (now is 51 years old) in Los Angeles, California, USA

Veteran film and television actress Leslie Bega can now be seenco-starring as Valentina La Paz on the HBO Emmy Award winningtelevision series "The Sopranos" (1999) , Tony Soprano'sgirlfriend. In addition, Leslie also can be seen as a diametricallyopposite character to Valentina named Leah on CBS's Emmy Award winningshow "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (2000) . Leslie recentlycompleted a starring role in the independent feature film Dating Games People Play (2005) , a romantic comedy directed by'Stefan Marc' . The film is scheduled for release in late 2004.

ALos Angeles native, Leslie spent a great deal of her childhood in NewYork. After graduating with honors as her high school classvaledictorian from 11 years at the prestigious Los Angeles privateFrench school Le Lycee Francais, she attended college at The Universityof Southern California majoring in cinema with a minor in drama. Makingher acting debut at the age of six in the Broadway play "The Patriots,"Leslie went on to star in countless television commercials and thenmoved into episodic and film. Throughout this time in her childhood,she was sharpening her skills and establishing a solid foundation toher successful career as an actor. In the late 1980s, Leslie landed astarring role in the long running top-ten ABC television sitcom "Head of the Class" (1986) , portraying the brilliant yetsocially awkward Maria Borges.

Her follow-up television series wasABC's "C-16: FBI" (1997) alongside 'Eric Roberts (I)' ,'Angie Harmon' , and 'DB Sweeney'. Leslie quickly went on toestablish herself in the Motion Picture arena, sharing the screen withsuch Hollywood stars as 'John Travolta (I)' ,'Michael Douglas (I)' , 'Annette Bening' , and'Anthony Quinn (I)' . Leslie has been in 15 motion picturesincluding 'David Lynch (I)' 's Lost Highway (1997) , Get Shorty (1995) , directed by 'Barry Sonnenfeld' , and'Rob Reiner' 's The American President (1995) . After 19years of vocal/singing training, in 2001, Leslie performed a solosinging performance at Lincoln Center. She recently completed producingPublic Service Announcements for "Women At Risk" with actors'Billy Zane' and 'Phil Buckman' ; and "Outreach," educationalprograms designed for inner city kids.

In her spare time, Leslie is anaccomplished gourmet chef, and was the Master Chef at the restaurant"RAW" in Santa Monica before leaving to work on her own desert and foodline. LBorn April 17th 1977, film and television actress Leslie Rae Begastarred as "Valentina La Paz" on the HBO Emmy Award winning televisionseries "The Soprano's" as Tony Soprano's girlfriend. In addition,Leslie also starred as a diametrically opposite character to Valentina,named Leah Banks on CBS's Emmy Award winning show "CSI". Leslie alsocompleted a starring role in the independent feature film "Dating GamesPeople Play", a romantic comedy directed by Stephen Marc and also shota new Pilot called "Bird Dog" for TNT/Warner Brothers. A Los Angelesnative, Leslie spent a great deal of her childhood living / actingbi-coastally between Los Angeles and New York.

After graduating withhonors as her high school class valedictorian from 12 years at theprestigious Los Angeles private French school Le Lycee Francais, sheattended college at The University of Southern California majoring incinema with a minor in drama and attended the USC Marshall School ofBusiness. Making her acting debut at the age of six in the Broadway play "ThePatriots", she established a long term foundation in N. Y theatre, thenwent on to star in countless television commercials and into episodicand film. Throughout this time in her childhood, she was sharpening herskills and establishing a solid foundation to her successful career asan actor in television, films, singing, in voice overs and on stage. Inthe late eighties and into the nineties, Leslie landed a starring rolein the long running top-ten ABC television sitcom "Head Of The Class",portraying the brilliant yet socially awkward Maria Borges.

Her followup television series was ABC's "C-16 FBI" along side Eric Roberts,Angie Harmon and DB Sweeney. Leslie quickly went on to establishherself in the Motion Picture arena, sharing the screen with suchHollywood stars as John Travolta in Barry Sonnenfeld's "Get Shorty",Michael Douglas, Annette Benning in Rob Reiner's "The AmericanPresident", Anthony Quinn, F Murray Abraham, Patrick Dempsey &Christian Slater in "Mobsters" and Helen Mirren in "The Twilight Zone". Leslie has been in 15 motion pictures including David Lynch's "LostHighway". Additional experience in the television industry; Leslie hasworked with major studios and networks such as Paramount, WarnerBrothers, Universal, 20th Century Fox, MGM/Sony, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS andHBO and has an established rapport with all of them. She has beeninterviewed and featured in the L.

A. Times, the New York Times, Maxim(A Hot 100), People, Star, Vanity Fair, T. V. Guide, Elle, Cosmopolitan,VH1, USA Today, The Oprah Winfrey Show and more. Copies of her pressarticles, resume, Bio, HeadShots and Acting & Voice Over Reels can allbe accessed on her website: www.

LeslieRaeBega. Com (Click onTheatrical. )Leslie has has had the opportunity of traveling around the world threetimes and living abroad including Australia, Thailand and Hong Kongwhere she worked in Interior Design, studied the culinary arts at theCordon Blu and also obtained her license in Natural-pathic andHomeopathic Medicine. Leslie is also a business entrepreneur and workedin finance with the company Peak Finance in Beverly Hills beforeestablishing her career in Commercial and Residential Real Estate. AtPeak, she became a Commercial Real Estate broker specializing in Landacquisitions development and investments.

Several years later she was'recruited' by Sotheby's International Realty and established aformidable international clientele in both Commercial and ResidentialReal Estate. Leslie's 19 years of vocal / singing training led to rolesin numerous broadway musicals and in 2001 Leslie performed a solosinging performance at Lincoln Center. She recently completed producingPublic Service Announcements for "Women At Risk" with actors Billy Zaneand Phil Buckman and "Outreach"; educational programs designed forinner city kids. Leslie recently starred as a Real Estate Broker on two #1 reality shows:Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing" (twice) representing the buyer and afeatured star on HGTV's "Selling LA" where she featured one of herproperties for sale, a $12Million Dollar estate in the West HollywoodHills. With these shows, Leslie has finally decided to merge her twodifferent careers: Real Estate and her Theatrical career, into one bywriting and creating a new TV Show (in process).

Her website featuresand reflects her established expertise in both arenas. .

There is some small facts about Leslie Bega:
  • Her ex-husband ('Jon Farriss' ) is the drummer for Australian-based music group 'INXS' .
  • Trained in Shakespeare Intensive classes with Ms. 'Patsy Rodenburg' .
  • Ranked #67 in Stuff's "103 Sexiest Women"(2003).
  • (February 2004) Is a series-regular on the #1 HBO show "The Sopranos" and recurring role on "CSI-Crime Scene Investigation".
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There is the list of movies, where Leslie Bega was taked part:
1 INXS: The Great Video Experience movie INXS: The Great Video Experience 1994 as Herself
2 21 Jump Street movie 21 Jump Street 1987 as Stephanie 'Stevie' Plummer
3 Against the Law movie Against the Law 1997 as Lucia the Liquor Store Clerk
4 Bird Dog movie Bird Dog 2011 as Carmen
5 Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo movie Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo 1984 as Dancer
6 Circus of the Stars #11 movie Circus of the Stars #11 1986 as Herself - Performer
7 Dating Games People Play movie Dating Games People Play 2005 as Mona Evans
8 For Keeps? movie For Keeps? 1988 as Carlita
9 Get Shorty movie Get Shorty 1995 as Vikki Vespa
10 Lost Highway movie Lost Highway 1997 as Raquel
11 Mobsters movie Mobsters 1991 as Anna Lansky
12 Power 98 movie Power 98 1996 as Denise
13 Silence of the Heart movie Silence of the Heart 1984 as Cindy
14 The American President movie The American President 1995 as Laura Staf
15 The Last Producer movie The Last Producer 2000 as Restaurant Manager
16 Time of Her Time movie Time of Her Time 2000 as Denise Gondelman
17 Tuff Turf movie Tuff Turf 1985 as Dancer
18 Uncaged movie Uncaged 1991 as Mickie
19 American Dad! movie American Dad! 2005 as Ms. Anderson
20 Beverly Hills, 90210 movie Beverly Hills, 90210 1990 as Marianne Moore
21 C-16: FBI movie C-16: FBI 1997 as Laura Sandoval
22 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation movie CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2000 as Leah
23 CSI: NY movie CSI: NY 2004 as Grace Walderson
24 Freddys Nightmares movie Freddys Nightmares 1988 as Stacy
25 Head of the Class movie Head of the Class 1986 as Maria Borges
26 Highway to Heaven movie Highway to Heaven 1984 as Heather Fowler
27 Martial Law movie Martial Law 1998 as Didi Kirkus
28 Nip/Tuck movie Nip/Tuck 2003 as Photographer
29 Seaquest DSV movie Seaquest DSV 1993 as Sandra
30 Small Wonder movie Small Wonder 1985 as Mary
31 The Sopranos movie The Sopranos 1999 as Valentina La Paz
32 The Twilight Zone movie The Twilight Zone 1985 as Girl (segment "Dead Woman's Shoes")
There is the list of some articles of Leslie Bega:
  • "People Weekly" (USA), 29 October 2001, Vol. 56, Iss. 18, pg. 90, "HEAD OF THE CLASS"
There is the list of some printed articles of Leslie Rae Bega:
  • "Celebrity Sleuth" (USA), July 2003, Iss. 26, pg. 16-19, by: staff, "HBO...Oh...Ohh: Leslie Bega"
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