Briony Behets

as Frances Taylor (1981) in the movie The Young Doctors

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Was born at 21 July 1951 (now is 67 years old) in London, England, UK
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There is the list of movies, where Briony Behets was taked part:
1 The Young Doctors movie The Young Doctors 1976 as Frances Taylor (1981)
2 Allie & Me movie Allie & Me 1997 as Woman in Salon
3 Alvin Rides Again movie Alvin Rides Again 1974 as Girl in Taxi
4 Cassandra movie Cassandra 1987 as Helen
5 Hunger movie Hunger 1986 as Mrs. Levey
6 Inside Looking Out movie Inside Looking Out 1977 as Elizabeth
7 Long Weekend movie Long Weekend 1978 as Marcia
8 Night of Fear movie Night of Fear 1972 as Horse Girl
9 Nightmares movie Nightmares 1980 as Angela
10 Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! movie Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! 2008 as Herself
11 Raw Deal movie Raw Deal 1977 as Alex's Lady
12 Skin Deep movie Skin Deep 1983 as Barbara Kennedy
13 The Heroes movie The Heroes 1988 as Alice
14 The Lions Share movie The Lions Share 1978 as Janet Jackson
15 The Trespassers movie The Trespassers 1976 as Penny
16 A Country Practice movie A Country Practice 1981 as Dee Dee Cash
17 Alvin Purple movie Alvin Purple 1976 as Pam
18 Bellamy movie Bellamy 1981 as Sharon
19 Bellbird movie Bellbird 1967 as Claire (1975)
20 Birds in the Bush movie Birds in the Bush 1972 as Tuesday
21 Bluey movie Bluey 1976 as Kate Wallace
22 Chopper Squad movie Chopper Squad 1977 as Debbie James
23 Class of 74 movie Class of 74 1974 as Jorja Jones
24 E Street movie E Street 1989 as Margaret Bennett
25 Families movie Families 1990 as Diana Stevens
26 Flair movie Flair 1990 as Samantha Harmon
27 G.P. movie G.P. 1989 as Janet Ryan
28 Guinevere Jones movie Guinevere Jones 2002 as Louise Rosen
29 Homicide movie Homicide 1964 as Helen Green
30 JAG movie JAG 1995 as Jenny
31 Marshall Law movie Marshall Law 2002 as Sonia
32 Matlock Police movie Matlock Police 1971 as Joyce Roberts
33 Murder, She Wrote movie Murder, She Wrote 1984 as Melba Drummond
34 Neighbours movie Neighbours 1985 as Kate Newton
35 Number 96 movie Number 96 1972 as Helen Eastwood
36 Possession movie Possession 1985 as Eve Cambridge
37 Prisoner movie Prisoner 1979 as Susan Rice
38 Skyways movie Skyways 1979 as Pam McKinnon
39 Special Squad movie Special Squad 1984 as Rhonda Watson
40 Tandarra movie Tandarra 1976 as Esther Grafton
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