Manja Behrens

as Trude in the movie Nicht verzagen, Trudchen fragen

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Was born at 12 April 1914 in Dresden, Germany . Died at 18 January 2003, Berlin, Germany
There is some small facts about Manja Behrens:
  • She was the mistress of the Nazi leader 'Martin Bormann' during the Second World War.
  • Because of her relationship to the infamous Martin Bormann (uncovered by the British historian Hugh Trevor-Roper) she was forbidden to act in films for twenty years.
  • Worked as a dental assistant while taking acting classes under Waldemar Staegemann and Erich Ponto.
  • Daughter of a lawyer and public trustee.
  • Ensemble member of the Dresdner Staatsschauspiel from 1935 to 1953, the Volksbühne Berlin from 1954 to 1967, and the Maxim Gorky Theater from 1967 to 1991.
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There is the list of movies, where Manja Behrens was taked part:
1 Nicht verzagen, Trudchen fragen movie Nicht verzagen, Trudchen fragen 1980 as Trude
2 Klein, aber Charlotte movie Klein, aber Charlotte 1990 as Mechthild Klein
3 Berühmte Ärzte der Charité: Der Mann aus Jena movie Berühmte Ärzte der Charité: Der Mann aus Jena 1981 as Gräfin Voss
4 Das Leben beginnt movie Das Leben beginnt 1960 as Frau Brenner
5 Dead Flowers movie Dead Flowers 1992 as Mrs. Vogler
6 Die Ratten movie Die Ratten 1957 as Frau John
7 Ehesache Lorenz movie Ehesache Lorenz 1960 as Trude Lorenz
8 Füchsin und Biber movie Füchsin und Biber 1963 as Biberin
9 Gejagt bis zum Morgen movie Gejagt bis zum Morgen 1957 as Martha Kurda
10 Karbid und Sauerampfer movie Karbid und Sauerampfer 1963 as Clara
11 Kirmes movie Kirmes 1960 as Martha Mertens
12 Maria movie Maria 1974 as Lydia Samoilowna
13 Mord ohne Sühne movie Mord ohne Sühne 1962 as Frau Nogens
14 Rote Rosen für mich movie Rote Rosen für mich 1964 as Mrs. Breydon
15 Seilergasse 8 movie Seilergasse 8 1960 as Frau Schirding
16 Sonnensucher movie Sonnensucher 1972 as Emmi Jahnke
17 Stärker als Paragraphen movie Stärker als Paragraphen 1936 as Renate - seine Nichte
18 Susanne im Bade movie Susanne im Bade 1936 as Gussy Alfken
19 Tag für Tag movie Tag für Tag 1964 as Mrs. Bryant
20 Testamente movie Testamente 1989 as Shanna
21 Ein Heim für Tiere movie Ein Heim für Tiere 1985 as Frau
22 Fernsehpitaval movie Fernsehpitaval 1957 as Herzoginmutter
23 Hitlers Helfer movie Hitlers Helfer 1996 as Herself
24 Polizeiruf 110 movie Polizeiruf 110 1971 as Margits Mutter
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