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as Girl with Balloon in the movie Barneys Great Adventure

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Karen Belfo is a Canadian/European Actress, Producer, and Writer. She isa New York Film Academy graduate, graduating from the "Acting for FilmProgram", in Paris, France, at the prestigious La Femis. She is fluentin English & French, and has a good knowledge of Portuguese, Arabic,Italian, Spanish, & Japanese. .

There is some small facts about Karen Belfo:
  • When she was age 18, she was part of the Blackwatch Pipes and Drums of Montreal. She was the very first woman to be recruited as a Tenor Drummer. This fact has been recorded in the Blackwatch's history book.
  • She used to be a Celtic Jazz Singer/Songwriter.
  • Karen used to work as a model for Sears, CSN, Joico Inc, and for various Quebec designers.
  • When Karen was in her twenties, she hosted a Jazz show called, "Swingin' K", it was broad casted on Montreal's CJLO 1690 AM.
  • During her university years, Karen worked as a Stage Manager for various theatre production companies from Canada.
  • Karen used to work as a photographer for various festivals across Canada and Europe, such as the Whale Fest and the Environmental Film Festival. She also used to work with various DJs and Actors/Actresses from Canada. Karen specialized in Nature and Portrait Photography.
  • When she was younger, she wanted to become a Marine Biologist.
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There is the list of movies, where Karen Belfo was taked part:
1 Barneys Great Adventure movie Barneys Great Adventure 1998 as Girl with Balloon
2 Bonanno: A Godfathers Story movie Bonanno: A Godfathers Story 1999 as Fanny's sister
3 Her Journey Among the Elements movie Her Journey Among the Elements 2015 as Karoleena
4 Tapamenko Swing movie Tapamenko Swing 2007 as Maria - Flamenco Dancer
5 The Ofleb Calendar movie The Ofleb Calendar 2011 as Herself - Miss February
6 X-Men: Days of Future Past movie X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014 as 1970s Activist
7 Nuremberg movie Nuremberg 2000 as Judge's Assistant/Swing Dancer
8 Brooklyn movie Brooklyn 2015 as Lady at the Cinema
9 City DAmour movie City DAmour 2010 as Karoleena - Tango Dancer
10 Denys Outcry movie Denys Outcry 2009 as Karoleena (Mother)
11 Eleanors Rehearsal movie Eleanors Rehearsal 2015 as Eleanor
12 Franks Letter movie Franks Letter 2008 as Stephanie
13 Karoleena: Menu from Dublin movie Karoleena: Menu from Dublin 2010 as Herself - Karoleena/Celtic Jazz Artist
14 Mikos Soup movie Mikos Soup 2016 as Izabella
15 On the Road movie On the Road 2012 as Girl at Party
16 Postcard of Paris movie Postcard of Paris 2011 as Karen - the Canadian Tourist
17 Race movie Race 2016 as Jewish Mother
18 Saldanis Enigma movie Saldanis Enigma 2013 as Saldani
19 Snake Eyes movie Snake Eyes 1998 as Spectator
20 Stardom movie Stardom 2000 as The Cafe Girl
21 Stonewall movie Stonewall 2015 as Lady at the Park Bench
22 Story of Your Life movie Story of Your Life 2016 as Skype CIA Agent
23 Tatapis movie Tatapis 2006 as Krissy
24 The Upper Bunk movie The Upper Bunk 2015 as Terry
25 White House Down movie White House Down 2013 as Military - Pentagon
26 Big Wolf on Campus movie Big Wolf on Campus 1999 as Tommy's Friend
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There is the list of some printed articles of Belfo, Karen:
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