Nilgün Belgün

as Teyze in the movie Kadrinin götürdügü yere git

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There is some small facts about Nilgün Belgün:
  • She always acts the minority (mostly Greek) in Turkish productions. In an interview, she said that was because she had some Greek relatives in her family, and she was very much accustomed to hearing Turkish with a Greek accent, so acting the Turkish-Greek lady was particularly easy for her.
Also look some video clip about Nilgün Belgün:
There is the list of movies, where Nilgün Belgün was taked part:
1 Kadrinin götürdügü yere git movie Kadrinin götürdügü yere git 2009 as Teyze
2 Siyaset meydani movie Siyaset meydani 1994 as Herself - Interviewee
3 Adada bir sonbahar movie Adada bir sonbahar 2000 as Despina
4 Biçkin movie Biçkin 1988 as Zehra
5 Kasik Düsmani movie Kasik Düsmani 1985 as Leyla
6 Yagmurdan sonra movie Yagmurdan sonra 2008 as Madam Eleni
7 Çinliler geliyor movie Çinliler geliyor 2006 as Zehra
8 Beyaz Show movie Beyaz Show 1996 as Herself
9 Büyümüs de küçülmüs movie Büyümüs de küçülmüs 2003 as Reyhan
10 Yabanci damat movie Yabanci damat 2004 as Katina
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