as Herself - Singer in the movie Das gefällt auch morgen noch

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Real name is Lea-Nina Rodzynek
Also known as Madame chanson
Was born at 6 February 1925 in Treblinka, Poland . Died at 12 December 2006, Hamburg, Germany
There is some small facts about Belina:
  • Belina performed in more than 120 countries - a triumphant series of concerts which met with one rave review after another.
  • In 1981 she made a final, very beautiful, but unfortunately unacknowledged LP recording with guitarist Ladi Geisler. After this project, Belina retired from show business.
  • She spoke six languages: Polish, English, Yiddish, Russian and German. Yet, she was also able to express herself and sing in another dozen foreign languages.
  • During her world tour with guitarist Siegfried Behrend, she was once given the score of a Korean folksong at noon with the request that she sing it the same evening. Belina sang it and the following day the concert reviews spoke of her rendition of the song in Korean as being a natural part of her - so convincing and immediate was the quality of her singing.
  • As a young woman, Lea-Nina fled to Germany, where she found work in a factory with fake documents and under a false name. When the fraud was discovered she was arrested and deported to a concentration camp, from which she escaped. Managed to be hidden until the end of the Third Reich. Paris was the first station in the freedom. There she traveled as a singer through the many taverns where the people called her the Black Angel from Montparnasse.
Also look some video clip about Belina:
There is the list of movies, where Belina was taked part:
1 Das gefällt auch morgen noch movie Das gefällt auch morgen noch 1963 as Herself - Singer
2 Hoheit liebt nur dufte Puppen movie Hoheit liebt nur dufte Puppen 1965 as Herself - Singer
3 Das Geheimnis der schwarzen Witwe movie Das Geheimnis der schwarzen Witwe 1963 as Sängerin
4 Folklore bunt gemischt movie Folklore bunt gemischt 1969 as Herself - Musician
5 Rhythmus der Nationen movie Rhythmus der Nationen 1962 as Herself - Singer
6 Treffpunkt Baden-Baden movie Treffpunkt Baden-Baden 1964 as Herself - Singer
7 Die Drehscheibe movie Die Drehscheibe 1964 as Herself - Musician
8 Kreuzfahrten eines Globetrotters movie Kreuzfahrten eines Globetrotters 1980 as Miss Glaser
9 Musik aus Studio B movie Musik aus Studio B 1961 as Singer
10 Zeg hé, spaar je mee? movie Zeg hé, spaar je mee? 1961 as Singer
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