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Real name is Belinda Peregrín Schüll
Also known as Beli
Was born at 15 August 1989 (now is 29 years old) in Madrid, Spain

Belinda was born in Madrid Spain to her parents, 'Ignacio Peregrín' and 'Belinda Schull' , on August 15, 1989. She also has a brothernamed Ignacio (Nachito) and a dog named Bambi which was a gift from hermom on her birthday. She got the role of "Ana" along with Martin Ricca in "Amigos X Siempre"during a casting, beating 5000 other girls. She later played Violeta on"Aventuras en el Tiempo" alongside Christopher Uckerman.

After havingsold out concerts and great CD sales, she signed on to do "Complices AlRescate", a story of two twins split up at birth. She played Marianaand Silvana - twins with totally different personalities. Around the100th episode she had some problems and had to leave the novela, beingreplaced by Daniela Lujan. Later she traveled to Europe where sherecorded her solo debut album, "Belinda" which has been a hit almosteverywhere. She also had much success with singles, such as "LoSiento", "Boba Niña Nice", "Angel", "Vivir", and duets with Andy yLucas, "No Entiendo", and her latest duet with Pewee from the KumbiaKings.

After recording her album she played a special role in"Corazones al Limite" where her hit song "Vivir" was the theme song. This is one of many cases where young talents begin their career inacting and then move on to music. Belinda Peregrin Schull was bornAugust 15, 1989. She made her first appearance as the main character,Ana, in "Amigos X Siempre". Soon after, she continued in "Aventuras enel Tiempo" and "Complices al Rescate" before recording her first Album.

Her International self-titled album "Belinda" was a big success inMexico as in many other countries. The album included such singles as;"Lo Siento", "Boba Niña Nice", "Angel", and "Vivir", which was also themain theme for "Corazones al Limite", another telenovela in which sheappeared. .

There is some small facts about Belinda (I):
  • Plays the piano.
  • Moved to Mexico as a young child.
  • (May 2006) Just finished filming her first English-speaking movie, The Cheetah Girls 2 (2006) (TV) .
  • (January 2004) Currently promoting her latest album "Belinda" (BMG 2003), throughout Mexico, the US and Latin America.
  • (December 2002) In Puerto Rico. On January 6, 2003, Belinda will give a concert.
  • (September 2004) Finishing her tour and soon she will be going to London and France to record her first album.
  • She is of French descent on her mother's side.
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There is the list of movies, where Belinda (I) was taked part:
1 2007 MTV Los Premios movie 2007 MTV Los Premios 2007 as Herself - Performer
2 Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones movie Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones 2012 as Sara Lavrof
3 MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamérica 2006 movie MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamérica 2006 2006 as Herself - Performer/Presenter
4 Belinda: Un Reality Sobre Mi Vida movie Belinda: Un Reality Sobre Mi Vida 2011 as Herself
5 2004 MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamerica movie 2004 MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamerica 2004 as Herself - Presenter
6 Barbie as the Island Princess movie Barbie as the Island Princess 2007 as Princess Rosella
7 Baywatch movie Baywatch 2017 as Carmen
8 En la Obscuridad movie En la Obscuridad 2013 as Herself
9 Gala Mister España 2008 movie Gala Mister España 2008 2008 as Herself
10 La Rioja, tierra universal movie La Rioja, tierra universal 2008 as Herself
11 Las mañanitas a la virgen de Guadalupe movie Las mañanitas a la virgen de Guadalupe 2004 as Herself
12 Luan Santana: Ao Vivo no Rio movie Luan Santana: Ao Vivo no Rio 2011 as Herself
13 Premios juventud 2010 movie Premios juventud 2010 2010 as Herself
14 Premios Ondas 2012 movie Premios Ondas 2012 2012 as Herself - Performer
15 Premios Oye 2004 movie Premios Oye 2004 2004 as Herself
16 Teletón XI movie Teletón XI 2007 as Herself
17 The Cheetah Girls 2 movie The Cheetah Girls 2 2006 as Marisol Durán
18 The Tale of Despereaux movie The Tale of Despereaux 2008 as Pea
19 Viva el amor movie Viva el amor 2002 as Herself
20 Acesso MTV movie Acesso MTV 2009 as Herself
21 Almorzando con Mirtha Legrand movie Almorzando con Mirtha Legrand 1968 as Herself - Guest
22 Amigos X siempre movie Amigos X siempre 2000 as Ana Capistrán Vidal
23 Aventuras en el tiempo movie Aventuras en el tiempo 2001 as Violeta Flores/Rosenda
24 Bakán movie Bakán 2004 as Herself
25 Belinda: Buscando Utopía movie Belinda: Buscando Utopía 2007 as Herself
26 Big Brother VIP: México movie Big Brother VIP: México 2002 as Herself
27 Camaleones movie Camaleones 2009 as Valentina Izaguirre
28 Corazones al límite movie Corazones al límite 2004 as Elena 'Elenita' Arellano Gómez
29 Cómplices al rescate movie Cómplices al rescate 2002 as Mariana Cantú/Silvana Del Valle Ontiveros - Cantú (#1)
30 Diario de Belinda y Moderatto movie Diario de Belinda y Moderatto 2005 as Herself
31 Décadas movie Décadas 2010 as Herself (2010)
32 Eliana movie Eliana 2009 as Herself
33 Hebe movie Hebe 1966 as Herself
34 Hoy movie Hoy 1998 as Herself
35 Mañanas informales movie Mañanas informales 2005 as Herself
36 Mujeres asesinas movie Mujeres asesinas 2008 as Annette Van Diryk
37 Música uno movie Música uno 2004 as Herself
38 No manches movie No manches 2004 as Herself
39 Noches Con Platanito movie Noches Con Platanito 2013 as Herself - Guest
40 Otro rollo con: Adal Ramones movie Otro rollo con: Adal Ramones 1995 as Herself
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