Fiona Bell

as Catharina in the movie The Man-Eating Wolves of Gysinge

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There is some small facts about Fiona Bell:
  • Met boyfriend 'Conor Mullen (I)' on the set of "Soldier Soldier" (1991) , where he was playing the commanding officer (CSM Alan Fitzpatrick) of her screen husband.
Also look some video clip about Fiona Bell:
There is the list of movies, where Fiona Bell was taked part:
1 The Man-Eating Wolves of Gysinge movie The Man-Eating Wolves of Gysinge 2005 as Catharina
2 AfterLife movie AfterLife 2003 as Lucy
3 Between Dreams movie Between Dreams 1999 as Judith
4 Duck movie Duck 1998 as Carmen
5 Gregorys Two Girls movie Gregorys Two Girls 1999 as Maddy Underwood
6 Loving Miss Hatto movie Loving Miss Hatto 2012 as Woman Journalist
7 Low Winter Sun movie Low Winter Sun 2006 as Sheena Baille
8 Stand and Deliver movie Stand and Deliver 1998 as Eva
9 The Legend of Loch Lomond movie The Legend of Loch Lomond 2001 as Moira
10 Trainspotting movie Trainspotting 1996 as Diane's Mother
11 Truth or Dare movie Truth or Dare 1996 as Maggie
12 Casualty movie Casualty 1986 as Mel Johnson
13 City Central movie City Central 1998 as Lou
14 Doctors movie Doctors 2000 as D.C. Jane Lynch
15 EastEnders movie EastEnders 1985 as PC Monks
16 Rockface movie Rockface 2002 as Heather
17 Soldier Soldier movie Soldier Soldier 1991 as Sgt Angela McCleod
18 Storyland movie Storyland 2009 as Aoife Jennings
19 Taggart movie Taggart 1983 as Francesca
20 The Bill movie The Bill 1984 as Jackie Laine
21 The Creatives movie The Creatives 1998 as Joanna
22 The Eustace Bros. movie The Eustace Bros. 2003 as Angie
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