Dorothy Bellew

as Marjory St. Clair in the movie For Her Mothers Sake

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Real name is Dorothy Falcke
Was born at 1891 (now is 128 years old) in Hampstead, North London, England, UK
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There is the list of movies, where Dorothy Bellew was taked part:
1 For Her Mothers Sake movie For Her Mothers Sake 1912 as Marjory St. Clair
2 The Forced Confession movie The Forced Confession 1912 as Irene Mannering
3 A Master of Men movie A Master of Men 1917 as Milly Wilson
4 A Miraculous Recovery movie A Miraculous Recovery 1911 as The Girl
5 A Question of Hairs movie A Question of Hairs 1916 as Maisie
6 A Rough Diamond movie A Rough Diamond 1912 as Effie
7 A Strong Mans Love movie A Strong Mans Love 1913 as Elizabeth
8 Alls Fair in Love movie Alls Fair in Love 1912 as Dorothy
9 An Afrikander Girl movie An Afrikander Girl 1912 as Jess
10 At the Hour of Three movie At the Hour of Three 1912 as The Girl
11 Aunties Secret Sorrow movie Aunties Secret Sorrow 1913 as Betty
12 Behind the Scenes movie Behind the Scenes 1913 as Flo
13 Coming to the Point movie Coming to the Point 1913 as Sister
14 Disraeli movie Disraeli 1916 as Clarissa
15 Face to Face movie Face to Face 1913 as The girl
16 Father and Son movie Father and Son 1910 as The Girl
17 Foiled by a Girl movie Foiled by a Girl 1912 as Typist
18 Fredas Photo movie Fredas Photo 1913 as Freda
19 Hard Times movie Hard Times 1915 as Louisa
20 Her Guardian movie Her Guardian 1911 as Mabel Bentworthy
21 In Peace and War movie In Peace and War 1914 as The girl
22 King Charles movie King Charles 1913 as Dulcia Beard
23 Lieutenant Rose and the Patent Aeroplane movie Lieutenant Rose and the Patent Aeroplane 1912 as Girl
24 Lieutenant Rose and the Stolen Submarine movie Lieutenant Rose and the Stolen Submarine 1910 as The Girl
25 Lorna Doone movie Lorna Doone 1912 as Lorna Doone
26 Love Versus Pride movie Love Versus Pride 1913 as Nettie
27 Maud movie Maud 1911 as Maud
28 Maudies Adventure movie Maudies Adventure 1913 as Maudie's Sister
29 Night and Morning movie Night and Morning 1915 as The Girl
30 Sharp Practice movie Sharp Practice 1912 as The Girl
31 Southern Blood movie Southern Blood 1914 as Juanita Derosa
32 The Avenging Hand movie The Avenging Hand 1915 as Natalie Vaughan
33 The Convent Gate movie The Convent Gate 1913 as Marie St. Clair
34 The Family Solicitor movie The Family Solicitor 1914 as The girl
35 The Flooded Mine movie The Flooded Mine 1912 as Lily Smith
36 The Gamekeepers Revenge movie The Gamekeepers Revenge 1912 as The Laborer's Wife
37 The Guest of the Regiment movie The Guest of the Regiment 1915 as The Girl
38 The Heroine of Mons movie The Heroine of Mons 1914 as The Girl
39 The Kinema Girl movie The Kinema Girl 1914 as Herself
40 The Locket movie The Locket 1915 as Hilda Noel
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