Stacy Bellew

as Drumstrings' #1 Fan in the movie A Slipping-Down Life

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Was born at 15 January 1974 (now is 45 years old) in Texas, USA
There is some small facts about Stacy Bellew:
  • Stacy is currently studying with actors such as 'James Franco' , 'Scott Caan' , and 'Jeff Goldblum' as a senior advanced student at the prestigious repertory school, Playhouse West.
  • Stacy studies acting at Playhouse West Repertory Theatre, which is run under the guidance of Robert Carnegie. The school boasts an impressive list of past and current students.
  • She has written two plays and is working on a screenplay based on a true story from her past.
  • Was the youngest reporter/anchor for CBS news
  • She hosted a very successful radio show for an alternative radio station
Also look some video clip about Stacy Bellew:
There is the list of movies, where Stacy Bellew was taked part:
1 A Slipping-Down Life movie A Slipping-Down Life 1999 as Drumstrings' #1 Fan
2 Air We Breathe movie Air We Breathe 2011 as Joanna
3 Keong movie Keong 2001 as Michelle
4 L.A. D.J. movie L.A. D.J. 2004 as Rachel
5 Out of the Water movie Out of the Water 2009 as Melissa Brooks
6 Pay It Forward movie Pay It Forward 2000 as School Girl
7 Redemption movie Redemption 2003 as Veronica
8 Rock Star movie Rock Star 2001 as Cassie
9 The Source movie The Source 2002 as Sara Tinsler
10 Vampire Vampire Vampire Vampire movie Vampire Vampire Vampire Vampire 2011 as Tracy Evans
11 Varsity Blues movie Varsity Blues 1999 as Cheerleader
12 Where the Heart Is movie Where the Heart Is 2000 as Wal-Mart Girl
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