Gina Bellman

as Herself in the movie The British Comedy Awards 2003

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Was born at 10 July 1966 (now is 52 years old) in Auckland, New Zealand
There is some small facts about Gina Bellman:
  • She was born in New Zealand and moved to England when she was 11 years old.
  • Daughter, Romy, born on November 20, 2009 in London.
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There is the list of movies, where Gina Bellman was taked part:
1 The British Comedy Awards 2003 movie The British Comedy Awards 2003 2003 as Herself
2 Heroes and Villains movie Heroes and Villains 2007 as Catherine Carteaux
3 Leverage movie Leverage 2008 as Sophie Devereaux/Joy McSweeten
4 Mussolini: The Untold Story movie Mussolini: The Untold Story 1985 as Gena Ruberti
5 Coupling Behind the Scenes movie Coupling Behind the Scenes 2002 as Herself
6 David movie David 1997 as Michal
7 Die Habenichtse movie Die Habenichtse 2017 as Leila
8 Horse Opera movie Horse Opera 1993 as Sandra/Marion
9 King David movie King David 1985 as Tamar
10 Leon the Pig Farmer movie Leon the Pig Farmer 1992 as Lisa
11 Married/Unmarried movie Married/Unmarried 2001 as Amanda
12 Permanent Vacation movie Permanent Vacation 2007 as Kathleen Bury
13 Secret Friends movie Secret Friends 1991 as Helen
14 Seven Days to Live movie Seven Days to Live 2000 as Claudia
15 Silent Trigger movie Silent Trigger 1996 as Spotter
16 Sitting Ducks movie Sitting Ducks 2003 as Christine
17 Subterrain movie Subterrain 2001 as Junkie Spirit
18 Ted & Ralph movie Ted & Ralph 1998 as Henrietta Spain
19 The 100 Greatest Sex Symbols movie The 100 Greatest Sex Symbols 2007 as Herself
20 Vsetko co mam rad movie Vsetko co mam rad 1993 as Ann
21 Zerophilia movie Zerophilia 2005 as Sydney
22 Blackeyes movie Blackeyes 1989 as Blackeyes
23 Close Up movie Close Up 1998 as Herself
24 Coupling movie Coupling 2000 as Jane Christie
25 Emerald City movie Emerald City 2016 as Unknown
26 Grange Hill movie Grange Hill 1978 as Trudy
27 Hotel Babylon movie Hotel Babylon 2006 as Marina Stoll
28 Into the Labyrinth movie Into the Labyrinth 1981 as Christine
29 Jekyll movie Jekyll 2007 as Claire Jackman
30 Jonathan Creek movie Jonathan Creek 1997 as Samantha
31 Little Napoleons movie Little Napoleons 1994 as Liz Blakemore
32 Metropolis movie Metropolis 2000 as Clara Keshishian
33 Nearly Famous movie Nearly Famous 2007 as Traci Reed
34 Only Fools and Horses.... movie Only Fools and Horses.... 1981 as Carmen
35 Ripper Street movie Ripper Street 2012 as Jemima Swann
36 Scene movie Scene 1968 as Trainer/Athene Nike
37 Screen Two movie Screen Two 1985 as Greta
38 Sharman movie Sharman 1996 as Kiki
39 The Last Detective movie The Last Detective 2003 as Caroline
40 The Storyteller: Greek Myths movie The Storyteller: Greek Myths 1990 as Eurydice
There is the list of interview of Gina Bellman:
  • "Radio Times" (UK), 9 December 1989, Vol. 263, Iss. 3444, pg. 106, by: Sue Teddern, "My Kind Of Day"
  • "Radio Times" (UK), 25 November 1989, Vol. 263, Iss. 3442, pg. 4-5, by: Nigel Andrew, "Dark Angel"
The image of was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Radio Times" (UK), 25 November 1989, Vol. 263, Iss. 3442
There is the list of some quotes of Gina Bellman:
  • I don't understand happy people. How can you just be satisfied?
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