Loleh Bellon

as Suzanne Berger in the movie Les ailes de la colombe

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Real name is Marie Laure Viole Bellon
Was born at 14 May 1925 in Bayonne, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France . Died at 22 May 1999, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, Val-de-Marne, France (stroke)

The daughter of photographer Denise Bellon and of attorney generalJacques Bellon, Loleh Bellon was film director 'Yannick Bellon' 'syounger sister. As of her tender years, the blond-haired and blue-eyedgirl (an anomaly for someone born in the Basque Country!) was broughtup in a place where the visitors were film performers and directors,writers and photographers. It comes as no surprise, under suchconditions, if Loleh dreamed of becoming an actress herself. A dreamthat would come true after a period of learning and training with suchmasters as 'Charles Dullin' , 'Tania Balachova' and'Julien Bertheau' .

She was not yet twenty when, in 1945, shedebuted almost simultaneously in the theater ("Virage dangereux) and inthe cinema ( Le gardian (1946) ). At the same period she married aSpanish immigrant who would become famous later, 'Jorge Semprun'. It isto be noted incidentally that Loleh Bellon knew how to choose herhusbands, for, after divorcing Semprun, she became the wife of anothergreat writer, 'Claude Roy (I)' . Anyhow, on the silver screen, shebegan being quite active, appearing notably in two interesting works by'Louis Daquin' ( Le point du jour (1949) and Maître après Dieu (1951) ) and in 'Jacques Becker' 'smasterpiece Casque d'or (1952) . But, after this film, her movieappearances became only occasional.

The explanation is simple: the callof the boards had become too strong for her. Which explains why she canbe seen in very few films after 1952, the major exception being twotitles directed in the 1970s by her sister: as Raphaële in Quelque part quelqu'un (1972) and as Agathe in Jamais plustoujours' (1975) . Instead, she was acclaimed by both audiences andcritics in a rich series of prestigious roles and plays('William Shakespeare (I)' 's "Jules César", staged by'Jean Renoir' , 'Jean Giraudoux' 's "Judith",'Pierre Corneille' 's "Le Cid", among many others). Three awards(Prix des Jeunes Comédiens, Grand Prix du Théâtre de l'Académie, Prixdu Théâtre de SACD), a dozen roles for television, a script for hersister ( Les enfants du désordre (1989) ), and the writing of fourplays complete the picture of a brilliant artistic career in whichbeing a film actress was finally quite a secondary activity. .

There is some small facts about Loleh Bellon:
  • Sister of 'Yannick Bellon'
  • Mother of author/actor/director 'Jaime Semprun' .
  • She has an entry in 'Jean Tulard' 's "Dictionnaire du Cinéma. Les Acteurs" published in Paris in May 2007 by Robert Laffont/Bouquins, page 98, ISBN 978-2-221-10895-6.
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There is the list of movies, where Loleh Bellon was taked part:
1 Les ailes de la colombe movie Les ailes de la colombe 1981 as Suzanne Berger
2 Une seconde déternité movie Une seconde déternité 1977 as Simone Lambert
3 À lassaut du ciel movie À lassaut du ciel 1966 as Récitante/Narrator
4 Le tribunal de limpossible movie Le tribunal de limpossible 1967 as Anne Crookes
5 Casque dor movie Casque dor 1952 as Léonie Danard
6 Crime et châtiment movie Crime et châtiment 1955 as Dounia
7 Eugène Sue movie Eugène Sue 1974 as Marie D'Argoult
8 Gustave Moreau movie Gustave Moreau 1962 as Récitante/Narrator
9 Jamais plus toujours movie Jamais plus toujours 1976 as Agathe
10 Le bel âge movie Le bel âge 1960 as Anne
11 Le gardian movie Le gardian 1946 as Livette Audiffret
12 Le jet deau movie Le jet deau 1973 as Adrienne Redoux
13 Le mystère Barton movie Le mystère Barton 1949 as Cathy
14 Le parfum de la dame en noir movie Le parfum de la dame en noir 1949 as La bonne
15 Le point du jour movie Le point du jour 1949 as Marie Brehard
16 Le prix movie Le prix 1975 as Esther
17 Le thé sous les cyprès movie Le thé sous les cyprès 1971 as Alma Norton
18 Les beaux quartiers movie Les beaux quartiers 1983 as Mme Barbentane
19 Maître après Dieu movie Maître après Dieu 1951 as Hélène
20 Philippe movie Philippe 1958 as Marie
21 Quatre-vingt-treize movie Quatre-vingt-treize 1962 as La Flécharde
22 Quelque part quelquun movie Quelque part quelquun 1972 as Raphaële
23 Siegfried movie Siegfried 1963 as Eva
24 Un matin comme les autres movie Un matin comme les autres 1956 as Suzanne
25 Les cinq dernières minutes movie Les cinq dernières minutes 1958 as Mme Henriette Heyrieux
26 Les nouvelles aventures de Vidocq movie Les nouvelles aventures de Vidocq 1971 as Pauline Borghese
27 Paris-Saint-Lazare movie Paris-Saint-Lazare 1982 as Andrée Tasson
28 Énigmes de lhistoire movie Énigmes de lhistoire 1956 as Marie-Stella Petronilla Chippini devenue Lady Newborough
There is the list of interview of Loleh Bellon:
  • "Mon Film" (France), 16 January 1952, Iss. No. 282, pg. 8-9, by: Paule Marguy, "Loleh Bellon et son idéal"
There is the list of some articles of Loleh Bellon:
  • "Le Nouvel Observateur" (France), 3 June 1999, Iss. # 1804, by: Garcin, Jérôme, "Le coeur sur la main"
  • "Le Monde" (France), 26 May 1999, by: Salino, Brigitte, "Disparition. Loleh Bellon"
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