Olga Belyayeva

as Tamara Samsonova in the movie Vsyo budet khorosho

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Real name is Olga Sergeyevna Belyayeva
Was born at 22 June 1964 in Leningrad, Russian SFSR, USSR . Died at 21 May 2000 (in a fire)
There is some small facts about Olga Belyayeva:
  • Had a son named Pavel Atrakhan (b.1993) with her ex-husband 'Dmitriy Astrakhan' .
Also look some video clip about Olga Belyayeva:
There is the list of movies, where Olga Belyayeva was taked part:
1 Vsyo budet khorosho movie Vsyo budet khorosho 1995 as Tamara Samsonova
2 Chetvyortaya planeta movie Chetvyortaya planeta 1995 as Tanya
3 Perekryostok movie Perekryostok 1999 as Lusya
4 Belye odezhdy movie Belye odezhdy 1991 as (1991)
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