Nadja Benaissa

as Herself - Host in the movie Bambi Verleihung 2003

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Was born at 26 April 1982 (now is 36 years old) in Frankfurt, Germany
There is some small facts about Nadja Benaissa:
  • Has a daughter named Leila Jamila (b. October 25, 1999).
  • Born to Muhamed Benaissa, who is originally from Morocco, and his wife Sabina, a Serbian-German.
  • Has a two years older brother, Amin, once chairperson of the students' committee at the University of Frankfurt.
  • Singing with the girl group 'No Angels' since 2000, she released her first solo single "Es Ist Liebe" in 2005.
  • Her pets are cat Jeany and dog Senta.
  • Confirmed her bankruptcy due to failed real estate investments (February 2008).
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There is the list of movies, where Nadja Benaissa was taked part:
1 Bambi Verleihung 2003 movie Bambi Verleihung 2003 2003 as Herself - Host
2 No Angels: When the Angels Swing movie No Angels: When the Angels Swing 2002 as Herself - No Angels
3 Bravo Super Show 2003 movie Bravo Super Show 2003 2003 as Herself - No Angels/Performer
4 The Eurovision Song Contest movie The Eurovision Song Contest 2008 as Herself - German Entry
5 Beckmann movie Beckmann 1999 as Herself
6 Berlin Mitte movie Berlin Mitte 1999 as Herself
7 Das perfekte Promi-Dinner movie Das perfekte Promi-Dinner 2005 as Herself
8 DAS! movie DAS! 1991 as Herself
9 Dein Song movie Dein Song 2008 as Herself - Jury member
10 Deutschland Champions movie Deutschland Champions 2003 as Herself
11 Die Harald Schmidt Show movie Die Harald Schmidt Show 1995 as Herself
12 Die Johannes B. Kerner Show movie Die Johannes B. Kerner Show 1998 as Herself
13 Ein Herz für Kinder movie Ein Herz für Kinder 1978 as Herself
14 Interaktiv movie Interaktiv 1993 as Herself
15 Kerner movie Kerner 2009 as Herself
16 Ki.Ka Live movie Ki.Ka Live 2004 as Herself
17 Krömer - Die internationale Show movie Krömer - Die internationale Show 2007 as Herself
18 Kult am Sonntag movie Kult am Sonntag 2006 as Herself
19 Liquid News movie Liquid News 2000 as Herself
20 NDR Talk Show movie NDR Talk Show 1979 as Herself
21 Neues aus der Anstalt movie Neues aus der Anstalt 2007 as Herself
22 Popstars: Germany movie Popstars: Germany 2000 as Herself - No Angels (season 1)
23 Schmidt & Pocher movie Schmidt & Pocher 2007 as Herself
24 Stern TV movie Stern TV 1990 as Herself
25 Thadeusz movie Thadeusz 2005 as Herself
26 TV total movie TV total 1999 as Herself
27 Volle Kanne movie Volle Kanne 1999 as Herself
28 Wetten, dass..? movie Wetten, dass..? 1981 as Herself
29 Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel movie Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel 2004 as Herself
30 ZDF-Fernsehgarten movie ZDF-Fernsehgarten 1986 as Herself
31 Zibb movie Zibb 2003 as Herself
There is the list of some articles of Nadja Benaissa:
  • "Dein Spiegel" (Germany), December 2009, Iss. 1/2010, pg. 50-51, by: Ansbert Kneip, "Leben mit dem Virus"
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