Simone Bendix

as Dr. Ingrid Eriksson in the movie The Last Detective

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Was born at 26 September 1967 (now is 51 years old) in Denmark
There is some small facts about Simone Bendix:
  • Has two children from her husband, 'Kasper Winding' - a son Pablo Winding (b.1998) and a daughter Polly Winding (b.2007).
Also look some video clip about Simone Bendix:
There is the list of movies, where Simone Bendix was taked part:
1 The Last Detective movie The Last Detective 2003 as Dr. Ingrid Eriksson
2 The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles movie The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles 1992 as Maria
3 At kende sandheden movie At kende sandheden 2002 as Ulla
4 Delusions of Grandeur movie Delusions of Grandeur 2004 as Muse
5 Den kroniske uskyld movie Den kroniske uskyld 1985 as Helle Junkersen
6 Dig og mig movie Dig og mig 2008 as Mettes mom
7 Fair Game movie Fair Game 1994 as Elena
8 Hjemve movie Hjemve 2007 as Defektrice
9 Lie Down with Lions movie Lie Down with Lions 1994 as Lieve
10 Mary, Mother of Jesus movie Mary, Mother of Jesus 1999 as Mary Magdalene
11 Song for a Raggy Boy movie Song for a Raggy Boy 2003 as Rosa
12 Supervoksen movie Supervoksen 2006 as Ymers mor
13 The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Masks of Evil movie The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Masks of Evil 2000 as Maria
14 The Informant movie The Informant 1997 as Samantha
15 Zoomerne movie Zoomerne 2009 as Theas mor
16 A Many Splintered Thing movie A Many Splintered Thing 2000 as Susanna Boyd, Russell's wife
17 A Touch of Frost movie A Touch of Frost 1992 as Joanna
18 Anna Pihl movie Anna Pihl 2006 as Pernille, Carls Mor
19 Between the Lines movie Between the Lines 1992 as Club Barmaid
20 Bugs movie Bugs 1995 as Sasha
21 Life Support movie Life Support 1999 as Monique Blake
22 Mit liv som Bent movie Mit liv som Bent 2001 as Mona Worm
23 Noahs Ark movie Noahs Ark 1997 as Liza Peters
24 Space Precinct movie Space Precinct 1994 as Officer Jane Castle
25 Taggart movie Taggart 1983 as Irina Terechova
26 The Crow Road movie The Crow Road 1996 as Verity
27 The Inspector Lynley Mysteries movie The Inspector Lynley Mysteries 2001 as Fiona Luxford
28 The Tomorrow People movie The Tomorrow People 1992 as Au Pair
There is the list of interview of Simone Bendix:
  • "TV Zone" (UK), July 1995, Iss. 68, pg. 32-34, by: David Bassom, "Walking The Beat With Simone Bendix"
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