Fita Benkhoff

as Frau Striese in the movie Der Raub der Sabinerinnen

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Real name is Frieda Elfriede Benkhoff
Was born at 1 November 1901 in Dortmund, Germany . Died at 26 October 1967, Munich, Bavaria, West Germany

A vivacious and very attractive blonde supporting actress and occasionalsinger, Frieda Elfriede Benkhoff was the equivalent of a German'Eve Arden' . Even though she rarely commanded a leading role, shewas an effervescent, perpetually wisecracking scene stealer, whoinvariably had the last word, whether as friend of the heroine, gossipyaunt or nosy parker. Fita began her working life as a dental assistantand telephone operator, while training for acting in her own time. Shemade her first theatrical appearance in "Don Carlos" at Dortmund'sStadttheater in 1925.

This was soon followed by comic turns on thelarger stages of Berlin and Vienna, after which she was signed byGermany's premier film studio Ufa for a series of short featurettes. Fita was already 34, when she made her breakthrough as a feisty maid in'Reinhold Schünzel' 's off-beat comedy Amphitryon (1935) . She established such a popular rapport with the actor'Paul Kemp (I)' , that she was cast opposite him in further popularoutings, including Boccaccio (1936) , and, for once co-starring,in Der schüchterne Casanova (1936) . After successive criticalplaudits with Kapriolen (1937) , Opernball (1939) and Das Fräulein von Barnhelm (1940) , Fita had become firmlyestablished as one of Germany's leading comediennes. She continued hercareer with some success after the war, gradually drifting intocharacter roles, notably as Mother Wolff in 'Gerhart Hauptmann' 's Der Biberpelz (1949) .

After the death of her husband in 1957,she went into quasi-retirement. In the year of her death, 1967, hercontribution was deservedly recognised with a Bambi Award. .

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There is the list of movies, where Fita Benkhoff was taked part:
1 Der Raub der Sabinerinnen movie Der Raub der Sabinerinnen 1954 as Frau Striese
2 Drei Mädels vom Rhein movie Drei Mädels vom Rhein 1955 as Therese Hübner
3 Ein Sommer, den man nie vergißt movie Ein Sommer, den man nie vergißt 1959 as Therese Leuchtenthal
4 Europas neue Musikparade 1958 movie Europas neue Musikparade 1958 1957 as Tante Fita
5 Familie Schimek movie Familie Schimek 1957 as Bernhardine, seine Frau
6 Henker, Frauen und Soldaten movie Henker, Frauen und Soldaten 1935 as Die Kesse
7 In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus movie In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus 1951 as Hermine Kackelmann
8 Wenn Frauen schweigen movie Wenn Frauen schweigen 1937 as Lilo - seine Frau
9 ...und die Liebe lacht dazu movie ...und die Liebe lacht dazu 1957 as Luise Papendiek
10 Alte Kameraden movie Alte Kameraden 1934 as Liselotte Klarerdag
11 Amphitryon movie Amphitryon 1935 as Andria
12 Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins movie Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins 1954 as Luise
13 Bei Pichler stimmt die Kasse nicht movie Bei Pichler stimmt die Kasse nicht 1961 as Ludmilla
14 Boccaccio movie Boccaccio 1936 as Bianca, seine Frau
15 Casanova heiratet movie Casanova heiratet 1940 as Johanna 'Joe' Brinkmann
16 Charleys Tante movie Charleys Tante 1934 as Mary Fin
17 Dany, bitte schreiben Sie movie Dany, bitte schreiben Sie 1956 as Madame Georgette
18 Das Erbe von Pretoria movie Das Erbe von Pretoria 1934 as Lilly Clausen
19 Das Fräulein von Barnhelm movie Das Fräulein von Barnhelm 1940 as Franziska
20 Das gestohlene Jahr movie Das gestohlene Jahr 1951 as Anna von Boehlen
21 Das singende Hotel movie Das singende Hotel 1953 as Dr. Toni Bruscher
22 Der Ammenkönig movie Der Ammenkönig 1935 as Theres
23 Der Bettelstudent movie Der Bettelstudent 1956 as Gräfin Palmatica
24 Der Biberpelz movie Der Biberpelz 1949 as Auguste Wolff
25 Der erste Frühlingstag movie Der erste Frühlingstag 1956 as Käthe
26 Der Hauptmann und sein Held movie Der Hauptmann und sein Held 1955 as Frau Kellermann
27 Der Meisterboxer movie Der Meisterboxer 1934 as Amalie Wipperling, Inhaberin eines kleinen Modegeschäftes
28 Der schüchterne Casanova movie Der schüchterne Casanova 1936 as Dody Hartwig, Verkäuferin
29 Der streitbare Herr Kickel movie Der streitbare Herr Kickel 1933 as Müllers Sekretärin
30 Die beiden Seehunde movie Die beiden Seehunde 1934 as Thekla
31 Die Diebin von Bagdad movie Die Diebin von Bagdad 1952 as Suleika
32 Die Frauen des Herrn S. movie Die Frauen des Herrn S. 1951 as Stabila
33 Die goldene Maske movie Die goldene Maske 1939 as Nora
34 Die kleinen Verwandten movie Die kleinen Verwandten 1934 as Beamtenfrau
35 Die Mitternachtsvenus movie Die Mitternachtsvenus 1951 as Madame Lavable
36 Die Schmetterlingsschlacht movie Die Schmetterlingsschlacht 1963 as Frau Hergentheim
37 Die un-erhörte Frau movie Die un-erhörte Frau 1936 as Lisa Brandt - seine Frau
38 Die Werft zum Grauen Hecht movie Die Werft zum Grauen Hecht 1935 as Mila Schellhase
39 Die Zeit mit dir movie Die Zeit mit dir 1948 as Frau Beckel
40 Diener lassen bitten movie Diener lassen bitten 1936 as Henrietta - seine Frau
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