Belle Bennett

as The Captive Princess in the movie Around the World

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Was born at 22 April 1891 in Milaca, Minnesota, USA . Died at 4 November 1932, Los Angeles, California, USA (cancer)
There is some small facts about Belle Bennett:
  • Screen, stage, and vaudeville actress.
  • Two sons: Ted (born c. 1908) and Bill (deceased prior to 1930).
  • Before landing a movie contract with the Triangle Motion Picture Company in 1916, she performed in her parent's (William and Hazel Bennett) circus. She first appeared under the big top at the age of 13 as a trapeze artist.
  • A star on stage and screen, she is probably best remembered for playing mothers on film. One reviewer said of her portrayal of Stella Dallas (1925) , "A memorable performance in the history of the films".
  • Tended to look much older than she actually was, resulting in her being often cast as mothers.
  • Acted in comedies for Mutual and Triangle during the 1910s, joining producer 'Al Christie' around 1920. From the mid-'20s appeared increasingly in feature films.
  • Educated at the Sacred Heart Convent, Minneapolis.
  • Cousin of 'Jessie Matthews (I)' .
  • Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Made westerns for the Triangle Company in Culver City from 1916.
  • Was born in Minnesota, though early studio publicity claimed her as being Irish.
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There is the list of movies, where Belle Bennett was taked part:
1 Around the World movie Around the World 1916 as The Captive Princess
2 Hello, Frisco movie Hello, Frisco 1924 as Herself - Belle Bennett
3 In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter movie In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter 1924 as Mrs. Perlmutter
4 The Woman Who Was Forgotten movie The Woman Who Was Forgotten 1930 as Miss Miller
5 A Capable Lady Cook movie A Capable Lady Cook 1916 as The Wife
6 A Deal in Indians movie A Deal in Indians 1915 as Moonlight Princess - the Chief's Daughter
7 A Lucky Leap movie A Lucky Leap 1916 as Bess
8 A Mans Awakening movie A Mans Awakening 1913 as Clara - the Sheriff's Daughter
9 A Shot Gun Romance movie A Shot Gun Romance 1915 as Grace
10 A Soul in Trust movie A Soul in Trust 1918 as Courtney Maitland
11 A Ticket to Red Horse Gulch movie A Ticket to Red Horse Gulch 1914 as Molly Salter - the Miner's Daughter
12 An Accidental Clue movie An Accidental Clue 1913 as Jane Davis - Bill's Wife
13 Ashes of Hope movie Ashes of Hope 1917 as Gonda
14 Barrier Busters movie Barrier Busters 1925 as Herself
15 Because of a Woman movie Because of a Woman 1917 as Valerie
16 Bitter Sweets movie Bitter Sweets 1914 as Clare Mason
17 Bond of Fear movie Bond of Fear 1917 as Mary Jackson
18 Bruin Trouble movie Bruin Trouble 1918 as The Girl
19 Courage movie Courage 1930 as Mary Colbrook
20 Doctor Jerry movie Doctor Jerry 1915 as Daughter
21 East Lynne movie East Lynne 1925 as Afy Hallijohn
22 Fires of Rebellion movie Fires of Rebellion 1917 as Helen Mallory
23 Flesh and Spirit movie Flesh and Spirit 1922 as Truth Eldridge
24 His Golden Hour movie His Golden Hour 1916 as Spuds' Employer's Daughter
25 His Supreme Moment movie His Supreme Moment 1925 as Carla Light
26 If Marriage Fails movie If Marriage Fails 1925 as Eleanor Woodbury
27 Jerry in Mexico movie Jerry in Mexico 1916 as Juanita
28 Jerry in the Movies movie Jerry in the Movies 1916 as The Leading Lady
29 Jerrys Millions movie Jerrys Millions 1916 as Jerry's Sweetheart
30 Jerrys Revenge movie Jerrys Revenge 1915 as Amy
31 Mignon movie Mignon 1915 as Musette
32 Molly and Me movie Molly and Me 1929 as Molly Wilson
33 Monkey Shines movie Monkey Shines 1920 as Aunt Sally
34 Mother movie Mother 1927 as Mrs. Ellis
35 Mother Machree movie Mother Machree 1928 as Mother Machree
36 Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch movie Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch 1914 as Undetermined Role
37 My Ladys Past movie My Ladys Past 1929 as Mamie Reynolds
38 Playing with Souls movie Playing with Souls 1925 as Amy Dale
39 Recaptured Love movie Recaptured Love 1930 as Helen Parr
40 Romance and Duty movie Romance and Duty 1913 as Pamela
There is the list of some articles of Belle Bennett:
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