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Was born at 15 July 1893 in York, Western Australia, Australia . Died at 14 May 1969, Malibu, California, USA (heart attack)

Australian-born Enid Bennett (her sisters, 'Catherine Bennett (I)' and 'Marjorie Bennett' , were also actresses) started her career onstage in Sydney. She became a well-regarded stage actress there, andeventually made her way to New York to conquer Broadway. Broadway,however, wasn't particularly interested in being conquered by MissBennett, and it took her several months to find any work at all. Finally, her "English" (actually Australian) accent got her a job in"Cock of the Walk".

She was seen there by film producer'Thomas H. Ince' , who signed her to a contract and brought her toHollywood. She married twice, both of her husbands being top Hollywooddirectors: 'Fred Niblo' and 'Sidney Franklin (I)' . Her lastfilm was The Big Store (1941) with 'The Marx Brothers' , inwhich she had an uncredited bit part as a clerk, and she retired fromthe movie business soon afterward. She died of a heart attack inMalibu, CA, in 1969.


There is some small facts about Enid Bennett:
  • Children, with Niblo, Louis, Peter and Judith
  • Sister of actress 'Marjorie Bennett'
  • Silent film actress
  • Sister of actress 'Catherine Bennett (I)' .
  • Was a sculptor and created pottery.
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There is the list of movies, where Enid Bennett was taked part:
1 A Tour of the Thomas Ince Studio movie A Tour of the Thomas Ince Studio 1924 as Herself
2 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 7 movie Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 7 1920 as Herself
3 Screen Snapshots, Series 6, No. 2 movie Screen Snapshots, Series 6, No. 2 1925 as Herself
4 The Woman in the Suitcase movie The Woman in the Suitcase 1920 as Mary Moreland
5 Waterloo Bridge movie Waterloo Bridge 1931 as Mrs. Mary Cronin Wetherby
6 A Desert Wooing movie A Desert Wooing 1918 as Avice Bereton
7 A Fools Awakening movie A Fools Awakening 1924 as Olivia Gale
8 A Womans Heart movie A Womans Heart 1926 as Eve Allen Waring
9 Coals of Fire movie Coals of Fire 1918 as Nell Bradley
10 Enid Bennett in a Liberty Loan Appeal movie Enid Bennett in a Liberty Loan Appeal 1918 as Herself
11 Fuss and Feathers movie Fuss and Feathers 1918 as Susie Baldwin
12 Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford movie Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford 1916 as Fanny
13 Hairpins movie Hairpins 1920 as Muriel Rossmore
14 Happiness movie Happiness 1917 as Doris Wingate
15 Happy Though Married movie Happy Though Married 1919 as Millicent Lee
16 Her Husbands Friend movie Her Husbands Friend 1920 as Judith Westover
17 Intermezzo: A Love Story movie Intermezzo: A Love Story 1939 as Greta
18 Keeping Up with Lizzie movie Keeping Up with Lizzie 1921 as Lizzie Henshaw
19 Keys of the Righteous movie Keys of the Righteous 1918 as Mary Manning
20 Meet Dr. Christian movie Meet Dr. Christian 1939 as Anne Hewitt
21 Naughty, Naughty! movie Naughty, Naughty! 1918 as Roberta Miller
22 Officer 666 movie Officer 666 1916 as Helen Burton
23 Partners Three movie Partners Three 1919 as Agnes Cuyler
24 Princess of the Dark movie Princess of the Dark 1917 as Fay Herron
25 Red Lily movie Red Lily 1924 as Marise La Noue
26 Robin Hood movie Robin Hood 1922 as Lady Marian Fitzwalter
27 Screen Snapshots, Series 2, No. 22-F movie Screen Snapshots, Series 2, No. 22-F 1922 as Herself
28 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 17 movie Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 17 1923 as Herself
29 Silk Hosiery movie Silk Hosiery 1920 as Marjorie Bowen
30 Skippy movie Skippy 1931 as Mrs. Skinner
31 Sooky movie Sooky 1931 as Mrs. Skinner
32 Stepping Out movie Stepping Out 1919 as The Wife
33 Strangers of the Night movie Strangers of the Night 1923 as Poppy Faire
34 Strike Up the Band movie Strike Up the Band 1940 as Mrs. Morgan
35 The Aryan movie The Aryan 1916 as Undetermined Secondary Role
36 The Bad Man movie The Bad Man 1923 as Mrs. Morgan Pell
37 The Big Store movie The Big Store 1941 as Clerk
38 The Biggest Show on Earth movie The Biggest Show on Earth 1918 as Roxie Kemp
39 The Bootleggers Daughter movie The Bootleggers Daughter 1922 as Nell Bradley
40 The Courtship of Myles Standish movie The Courtship of Myles Standish 1923 as Priscilla Mullens
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