Jerrica Benton

as Jennifer George in the movie Internet Dating and Me

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Real name is Xaria Byron
There is some small facts about Jerrica Benton:
  • Her favorite film is Time Bandits.
  • Went to Staffordshire University and has a BSc in film production technology.
Also look some video clip about Jerrica Benton:
There is the list of movies, where Jerrica Benton was taked part:
1 Internet Dating and Me movie Internet Dating and Me 2013 as Jennifer George
2 Hewys Animated Movie Reviews movie Hewys Animated Movie Reviews 2008 as Herself
3 Indy Christian Review movie Indy Christian Review 2011 as Diamanda Hagan
4 Mr. Mendos Hack Attack movie Mr. Mendos Hack Attack 2010 as Diamanda Hagan
5 Obscurus Lupa Presents movie Obscurus Lupa Presents 2010 as Diamanda Hagan
6 Some Jerk with a Camera movie Some Jerk with a Camera 2011 as Diamanda Hagan
7 The Spoony Experiment movie The Spoony Experiment 2008 as Diamanda Hagan
8 To Boldly Flee movie To Boldly Flee 2012 as Diamanda Hagan
9 Apollo Z. Hack: A Reviewaverse Saga movie Apollo Z. Hack: A Reviewaverse Saga 2010 as Diamanda Hagan
10 Atop the Fourth Wall movie Atop the Fourth Wall 2008 as Diamanda Hagan
11 Blood Eagle movie Blood Eagle 2012 as Diamanda Hagan
12 Brows Held High movie Brows Held High 2011 as Diamanda Hagan
13 Hagan Reviews movie Hagan Reviews 2011 as Diamanda Hagan
14 Jambareeqi Reviews movie Jambareeqi Reviews 2012 as Diamanda Hagan
15 Panda Q&A movie Panda Q&A 2010 as Diamanda Hagan
16 Phelous & the Movies movie Phelous & the Movies 2008 as Diamanda Hagan
17 Rap Critic Reviews movie Rap Critic Reviews 2010 as Diamanda Hagan
18 That Sci-Fi Guy movie That Sci-Fi Guy 2010 as Diamanda Hagan
19 The Cartoon Hero movie The Cartoon Hero 2009 as Diamanda Hagan/Nina Galas
20 The Cinema Snob movie The Cinema Snob 2007 as Diamanda Hagan
21 The Nostalgia Chick movie The Nostalgia Chick 2008 as Diamanda Hagan
22 The Nostalgia Critic movie The Nostalgia Critic 2007 as Diamanda Hagan
23 Welshy Reviews movie Welshy Reviews 2011 as Diamanda Hagan
24 WTFiWWY movie WTFiWWY 2010 as Diamanda Hagan
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