Debra Wiseman

as Abigail Montgomery/Sarah in the movie Step by Step

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There is the list of movies, where Debra Wiseman was taked part:
1 Step by Step movie Step by Step 1991 as Abigail Montgomery/Sarah
2 A Chubby Kid movie A Chubby Kid 2002 as Annie
3 Bullets Over Broadway movie Bullets Over Broadway 1994 as Three Deuces Chorus Line
4 Mrs. Santa Claus movie Mrs. Santa Claus 1996 as Sadie Lowenstein
5 The Other Sister movie The Other Sister 1999 as Alice - Tech School
6 Clueless movie Clueless 1996 as Sophie
7 Law & Order movie Law & Order 1990 as Bank Officer
8 Remember WENN movie Remember WENN 1996 as Cora
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