Kate Bergeron

as Blonde Girl in Lobby in the movie The Art of Stalking

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There is the list of movies, where Kate Bergeron was taked part:
1 The Art of Stalking movie The Art of Stalking 2007 as Blonde Girl in Lobby
2 Chasing Eden movie Chasing Eden 2015 as Lillian
3 Girl U Want movie Girl U Want 2009 as Sonia
4 Hit Refresh movie Hit Refresh 2014 as Barbara
5 On the Brink movie On the Brink 2011 as Dr. Brink
6 Preggo movie Preggo 2016 as Lisa
7 Schizcago movie Schizcago 2010 as Intern
8 SkyMall the Musical movie SkyMall the Musical 2014 as Serenity
9 The Group movie The Group 2008 as Jessica
10 Uh Oh, Its Magic movie Uh Oh, Its Magic 2015 as Emerald Green
11 Zombie Game Night movie Zombie Game Night 2015 as Mother
12 Good News Gone Bad movie Good News Gone Bad 2014 as Doll Bobblehead
13 How to Be Hot movie How to Be Hot 2014 as Various Characters
14 Nepotism movie Nepotism 2013 as Kacey
15 Speed Therapy movie Speed Therapy 2014 as Dr. Penny Brink
16 Troubadour movie Troubadour 2013 as Dr. Julie Babbin
17 What The?! movie What The?! 2014 as Kimberly
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