Franca Berlin

as Sonja in the movie Christine. Perfekt war gestern!

My own actors library
Was born at 1975 (now is 44 years old)
Also look some video clip about Franca Berlin:
There is the list of movies, where Franca Berlin was taked part:
1 Christine. Perfekt war gestern! movie Christine. Perfekt war gestern! 2013 as Sonja
2 Mein Flaschengeist und ich movie Mein Flaschengeist und ich 2009 as Exfreundin von Alex
3 Meine bezaubernde Feindin movie Meine bezaubernde Feindin 2006 as Kais Assistentin
4 Alles Atze movie Alles Atze 2000 as Steffie
5 Die Wache movie Die Wache 1994 as Frau Holz
6 Inga Lindström movie Inga Lindström 2004 as Emma
7 Notruf Hafenkante movie Notruf Hafenkante 2007 as Sarah Burowsky
8 Paare movie Paare 2006 as Sylvia
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