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as Police Dispatch Officer in the movie Look in the Mirror

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Also known as ElksElke Berry

As the third of eight children, Elke Berry (Osadnik) is an LA-basedAustralian actress born in Melbourne, Australia to world renownedprofessional violinist Rudolf Osadnik and philanthropic CEO AnneWilson. Elke naturally gravitated towards a life immersed in music during herchildhood years, playing violin, cello, and piano whilst also beingcoached by her father in the areas of athletics and swimming. Despiteher love of fitness, sports and music, Elke eventually felt she couldbest 'empathise' with others in life by shifting her focus purelytowards acting, and was immediately recognized by Melbourne audiencesfor her comedic work in hit Comedy Festival & Fringe Festival showssuch as 'Porky Pies' and 'Legends and the Fall. 'Elke's parents are of Polish, German and Swedish descent and haveencouraged Elke to work in a variety of accents over the years.

She hasgone onto work in Polish, Italian, Swedish, British and New Zealandaccent, as well as her native Australian. Elke prefers to work in USaccent where possible, though relished her 'Aussie' role in NBC comedy'Wrecked' working opposite one of her comedy favorites 'Rhys Darby. 'Graduating from Australia's prestigious Deakin University with aBachelor of Human Movement, Elke loves 'pushing her body' to learn newskills and sports and completed six month's of pro-wrestling trainingin order to undertake her own stunt work in Feature Film 'Fight Like AGirl. ' Elke loves to complete her own stunt work wherever possible. .

There is some small facts about Elke Berry:
  • Her first language was Polish mixed with German.
  • Adopting the German spelling of her name, Elke was named after German-born actress Elke Sommer. In a bizarre twist of fate, Elke lived with Elke Sommer for several months upon moving to Los Angeles.
  • To meet the physical demands of her role of 'Roz' in 'From Parts Unknown' Elke underwent six months of professional wrestling training.
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There is the list of movies, where Elke Berry was taked part:
1 Look in the Mirror movie Look in the Mirror 2014 as Police Dispatch Officer
2 Doorway movie Doorway 2013 as Catherine
3 First Day movie First Day 2015 as Diane
4 Frankly, Rebecca movie Frankly, Rebecca 2013 as Kylie
5 From Parts Unknown movie From Parts Unknown 2011 as Roz
6 From Parts Unknown movie From Parts Unknown 2015 as Roz
7 Lodgers movie Lodgers 2015 as Queen of Diamonds
8 My Year Without Sex movie My Year Without Sex 2009 as Natalie
9 The Brush-Off movie The Brush-Off 2004 as Waitress
10 The Business Trip movie The Business Trip 2010 as Angela
11 The Last Words movie The Last Words 2015 as Anne
12 Things Are Really Insane movie Things Are Really Insane 2012 as Megan
13 A to Z movie A to Z 2014 as Greta
14 Blue Heelers movie Blue Heelers 1994 as News Reporter
15 City Homicide movie City Homicide 2007 as Narelle Anderson
16 Eagle & Evans movie Eagle & Evans 2004 as Janey's Mum
17 Neighbours movie Neighbours 1985 as Dr. Roberta Price
18 Offspring movie Offspring 2010 as Devoted Woman
19 Skithouse movie Skithouse 2003 as Netball Robber
20 The Mansion movie The Mansion 2008 as Maddy
21 The Partridge & the Pear Tree movie The Partridge & the Pear Tree 2010 as Mistletoe Customer
22 The Wedge movie The Wedge 2006 as Best n'Less chick
23 Winners & Losers movie Winners & Losers 2011 as Kelly Bolton
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