Vedah Bertram

as Clayton's Daughter in the movie A Story of Montana

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Real name is Adele Buck
Was born at 4 December 1891 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA . Died at 26 August 1912, Oakland, California, USA (after surgery for appendicitis)

Vedah Bertram born Adele Buck in Massachusetts into a prominent Bostonfamily, her father Jerome Buck, a wealthy newspaper publisher. Filmcowboy star G. M. Anderson saw her photograph in a Boston societycolumn, he decided to contact her and asked her to be his co-star inhis Broncho Billy western series, despite opposition by her family shedid so, adopting the name Vedah Bertram in order to spare her family'sfeelings, she became an immediate success in the films as BronchoBilly's girl friend, making her debut in 'The Ranch Girl's Mistake' in1912, she became hughly popular with cinema audience, starring inaround 24 short westerns until her last movie 'Broncho BillyOutwitted', sadly in August 1912, she was admitted into an Oaklandhospital with stomach pains and died of acute appendicitis, she wasonly 20 years old.

One of the first film actresses to be mourned by thepublic, her death proved doubly shocking to her parents who reputedlyhad remained unaware of her film career. .

There is some small facts about Vedah Bertram:
  • She is often cited as the first film personality whose death drew significant media attention, although 'Mace Greenleaf' , who died several months earlier, could also claim that unfortunate distinction.
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There is the list of movies, where Vedah Bertram was taked part:
1 A Story of Montana movie A Story of Montana 1912 as Clayton's Daughter
2 A Wife of the Hills movie A Wife of the Hills 1912 as Bart McGrew's Wife
3 Broncho Billy and the Girl movie Broncho Billy and the Girl 1912 as Nan Fowler
4 Broncho Billys Narrow Escape movie Broncho Billys Narrow Escape 1912 as Lois Martin
5 A Moonshiners Heart movie A Moonshiners Heart 1912 as Vedah Stevens
6 A Ranch Widowers Daughters movie A Ranch Widowers Daughters 1912 as Jennie Perkins
7 A Road Agents Love movie A Road Agents Love 1912 as Lucy Mackley
8 Broncho Billy and the Indian Maid movie Broncho Billy and the Indian Maid 1912 as Laughing Fawn
9 Broncho Billy Outwitted movie Broncho Billy Outwitted 1912 as Vedah Trent
10 Broncho Billys Gratitude movie Broncho Billys Gratitude 1912 as Mrs. Hart
11 Broncho Billys Last Hold-Up movie Broncho Billys Last Hold-Up 1912 as Vedah Barclay
12 Broncho Billys Pal movie Broncho Billys Pal 1912 as Vedah Craig
13 On El Monte Ranch movie On El Monte Ranch 1912 as Mary Trent
14 On the Cactus Trail movie On the Cactus Trail 1912 as Vedah Powers
15 The Bandits Child movie The Bandits Child 1912 as Mrs. Tom Fleming
16 The Deputys Love Affair movie The Deputys Love Affair 1912 as Olive
17 The Desert Sweetheart movie The Desert Sweetheart 1912 as Mary
18 The Foremans Cousin movie The Foremans Cousin 1912 as Sue Jordan
19 The Ranch Girls Mistake movie The Ranch Girls Mistake 1912 as Nan Morgan
20 The Smugglers Daughter movie The Smugglers Daughter 1912 as Vedah Gregg, the Smuggler's Daughter
21 Under Mexican Skies movie Under Mexican Skies 1912 as Vedah Fowler
22 Western Hearts movie Western Hearts 1912 as Vedah
There is the list of some articles of Vedah Bertram:
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