Zoe Bertram

as Det Sgt Maxine Hendrix in the movie Good Guys Bad Guys

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There is the list of movies, where Zoe Bertram was taked part:
1 Good Guys Bad Guys movie Good Guys Bad Guys 1997 as Det Sgt Maxine Hendrix
2 The Restless Years movie The Restless Years 1977 as Olivia Baxter Russell
3 Animal Park movie Animal Park 1991 as Sarah Halliday
4 Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story movie Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story 2001 as Mrs. Pelucci
5 Come in Spinner movie Come in Spinner 1990 as Nolly
6 Kick movie Kick 1999 as Sonia Quaid
7 Monash: The Forgotten Anzac movie Monash: The Forgotten Anzac 2008 as Lizette Bentwitch
8 The Feds: Abduction movie The Feds: Abduction 1993 as Sarah Griffin
9 The Feds: Deadfall movie The Feds: Deadfall 1993 as Sarah Griffin
10 The Feds: Deception movie The Feds: Deception 1993 as Sarah Griffin
11 The Feds: Obsession movie The Feds: Obsession 1993 as Sarah Griffin
12 The Feds: Seduction movie The Feds: Seduction 1993 as Sarah Griffin
13 The Feds: Suspect movie The Feds: Suspect 1993 as Sarah Griffin
14 The Feds: Terror movie The Feds: Terror 1993 as Sarah Griffin
15 The Feds: Vengeance movie The Feds: Vengeance 1993 as Sarah Griffin
16 The Last of the Ryans movie The Last of the Ryans 1997 as Dorothy Ryan
17 The Roly Poly Man movie The Roly Poly Man 1994 as Laurel Trent
18 The Winking Boy movie The Winking Boy 2010 as Superviser June Peters
19 Under the Lighthouse Dancing movie Under the Lighthouse Dancing 1997 as Juliet
20 A Country Practice movie A Country Practice 1981 as Jenny Cooper
21 Blue Heelers movie Blue Heelers 1994 as Brenda Lawson
22 Body Surfer movie Body Surfer 1989 as Victoria
23 Chopper Squad movie Chopper Squad 1977 as Peg
24 City Homicide movie City Homicide 2007 as Dierdre Kincaid
25 Dirt Game movie Dirt Game 2009 as Morag
26 G.P. movie G.P. 1989 as Maureen Clarke
27 Home and Away movie Home and Away 1988 as Rosemary White
28 Mirror, Mirror movie Mirror, Mirror 1995 as Violette de Lutrelle
29 Neighbours movie Neighbours 1985 as Lorraine Dowski
30 Paradise Beach movie Paradise Beach 1993 as Paula Taylor
31 Prisoner movie Prisoner 1979 as Randi Goodlove
32 Rush movie Rush 2008 as Rita Thomas
33 Shark Bay movie Shark Bay 1996 as Kylie Delaney
34 Sit Down, Shut Up movie Sit Down, Shut Up 2000 as Mrs. Dawson
35 State Coroner movie State Coroner 1997 as Michelle Powell
36 Stingers movie Stingers 1998 as Debbie Wilmott
37 The Flying Doctors movie The Flying Doctors 1986 as Sky
38 Winners & Losers movie Winners & Losers 2011 as Jacqui Grbowski
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