Betsy Beutler

as Abigail's Lawyer in the movie The Marriage Contract

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Real name is Elizabeth Beutler
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There is the list of movies, where Betsy Beutler was taked part:
1 The Marriage Contract movie The Marriage Contract 2007 as Abigail's Lawyer
2 Edición Especial Coleccionista movie Edición Especial Coleccionista 2010 as Cindy
3 Last Look movie Last Look 2014 as Susan/Patricia
4 American Brawler movie American Brawler 2016 as Donna
5 Austin Lake movie Austin Lake 2014 as Marylee Pratt
6 Dragon Age: Origins movie Dragon Age: Origins 2009 as Dagna/Nola/Nessa's Mother/Redcliffe Villager/Orzammar Noble/Tapster's Waitress/Orzammar Commoner/Dalish Woman/Diamond Quarter Merchant
7 In Security movie In Security 2010 as Lorna Collins
8 Mic Whore movie Mic Whore 2014 as Party Guest
9 Partners movie Partners 2013 as Katie
10 Spinning Into Butter movie Spinning Into Butter 2007 as Lee
11 The Playback Singer movie The Playback Singer 2013 as Jade
12 Wasting Away movie Wasting Away 2007 as Cindy
13 Whats Life Got to Do with It? movie Whats Life Got to Do with It? 2011 as Lily
14 As the World Turns movie As the World Turns 1956 as Skylar
15 Becoming Famous movie Becoming Famous 2011 as Jessica
16 Cold Case movie Cold Case 2003 as Regie Kunze '82
17 Law & Order movie Law & Order 1990 as Nicole Milton
18 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit movie Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 1999 as Kidnap Victim
19 Legit movie Legit 2013 as Sara
20 One Life to Live movie One Life to Live 1968 as Nina
21 Random! Cartoons movie Random! Cartoons 2007 as Parsley
22 Scrubs movie Scrubs 2001 as Katie
23 Scrubs: Interns movie Scrubs: Interns 2009 as Katie
24 The Black Donnellys movie The Black Donnellys 2007 as Joanie
25 The Bronx Is Burning movie The Bronx Is Burning 2007 as Stacy Moscowitz
26 Third Watch movie Third Watch 1999 as Brandy Pinkerton
27 Youre the Worst movie Youre the Worst 2014 as Cory
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