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as Movie Goer in the movie Two Naked Men Making a Sandwich

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Donna Bey is a native of Newark, New Jersey, who had entertainmentaspirations from an early age. As a child she studied ballet at GardenState Ballet, in Newark, New Jersey, but unfortunately had todiscontinue it due to lack of funds. She realized at the age of ten shecould sing and began to write songs and forget how the melody went. This was very exciting!! since dancing wasn't possible.

She sang inelementary school, middle school chorus, and gospel church choirs. Shealso was a member of the drama club at school, so she participated inplays there as well. She began to get so immersed in both of thosetalents that she decided to tryout for Arts High School, where sheattended as a Drama Major, for three years. After High School she wasthe recipient of "The Dionne Warwick scholarship" for music, Ms. Warwick decided to give back to the "Inner city" youth at that time.

Itreceived honorable mention in the Star Ledger newspaper in New Jersey. She then studied music, at Essex County College, which included, voice,keyboarding, ear training and sight singing and music theory. She alsosang with the jazz ensemble and college chorus, during which the jazzensemble had the opportunity to sing backup for Ray Charles. Sheplanned to further her education, but life was interrupted to a degreewhen she began to start a family prematurely, but the love of theperforming arts had never left her. she decided as the children gotolder she would get back to what she truly loved, but they were hernumber one priority above all her wishes and desires.

So in the lastfew years Donna has been acting, singing, producing and more recentlyaudio and video editing. She believes in honing her skills so if she'snot in a film, theatre or television production, she will be in classstudying her craft. .

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There is the list of movies, where Donna Bey was taked part:
1 Two Naked Men Making a Sandwich movie Two Naked Men Making a Sandwich 2010 as Movie Goer
2 Caretaker movie Caretaker 2014 as Foster Mother
3 Deus ex Machina movie Deus ex Machina 2016 as Missy Douglas
4 Devil Is a Liar movie Devil Is a Liar 2014 as Louise
5 Dysfunctional 2014 movie Dysfunctional 2014 2014 as Mama
6 Hi Hater: The Documentary movie Hi Hater: The Documentary 2012 as Professional Research Random Woman #1
7 Loose Screws movie Loose Screws 2016 as Mattie
8 No Filter the Film movie No Filter the Film 2015 as Anne Jackson
9 Rabidus movie Rabidus 2016 as Jackie
10 Turning on a Dime movie Turning on a Dime 2014 as Mas Dukes
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