Charity Beyer

as Production Assistant in the movie Grave Misconduct

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Real name is Charity Lee Beyer
Also known as Char
Was born at 10 May 1982 (now is 36 years old) in Katy, Texas, USA
There is some small facts about Charity Beyer:
  • All her pets are named after dead musicians. Mama Cass, June Carter-Cash, Buddy Holly and Walter Busterkeys.
  • Is an animal advocate. She owns three rabbits, and a cat.
  • Is an enthusiastic hiker.
  • Has played the clarinet since age 11.
  • Nationally ranked Artistic Roller Figure skater.
Also look some video clip about Charity Beyer:
There is the list of movies, where Charity Beyer was taked part:
1 Grave Misconduct movie Grave Misconduct 2008 as Production Assistant
2 Love Hollywood Style movie Love Hollywood Style 2006 as Girl at Bar
3 Making Change movie Making Change 2012 as Reporter
4 Murder 101: New Age movie Murder 101: New Age 2008 as Spiritual Person
5 Senior Skip Day movie Senior Skip Day 2008 as Student
6 Shark Swarm movie Shark Swarm 2008 as Shark Survivor
7 Stolen Lives movie Stolen Lives 2009 as 1950's Barmaid
8 Greek movie Greek 2007 as Zeta Beta Zeta Active
9 Passions movie Passions 1999 as Blue Note dancer
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