Nita Bieber

as Dancer in nightclub revue in the movie The Jolson Story

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Real name is Nita Gale Bieber
Was born at 18 July 1926 (now is 92 years old) in Los Angeles, California, USA

Beautiful dancer Nita Bieber was born in 1926; her father was anaccomplished piano player, and her mother Callie was a great dancer. Her younger brother Rodney and her 3 younger sisters all became gooddancers, too, with Linda doing ballet and Wanda playing the harp. Nitastarted performing in public at age 5, when she did a decorous fandance in a long, pink dress. After her graduation from Hollywood highschool, Nita travelled as a dancer with a USO troupe, and then joinedthe Jack Cole Dancers for a 9-month tour of the U.

S. , during which shebecame very prolific in both dancing and cooking. In 1946, Nita appeared in a couple of films for Columbia, most notably Rhythm and Weep (1946) with the Three Stooges. In 1947, Nitaappeared in 3 more films for Columbia, and also went to Monogram for acouple of flicks, most notably as Mame in the Bowery Boys movie News Hounds (1947) . Nita was featured with a full-page photo onthe cover of Life magazine, November 28, 1949.

The article talked abouther 7-year contract with MGM, and Nita's big dance number in the newmovie musical in production, "Nancy Goes to Rio"; but it seems herdance number wound up on the cutting room floor, Nita was not in thefinal print (perhaps the director didn't want it to compete againstCarmen Miranda). Nita appeared in movies for MGM and Universal until1955; it seems "Kismet" (1955) was her last movie for MGM under her7-year contract. But Nita was very busy outside of movies. The Nita Bieber Dancers didshort performances produced in 1951-1952, for local television stationsneeding "filler" programming. Their song-and-dance numbers included:"Swing Low, Sweet Clarinet" and "Dance of the Peacock" and "Mondongo.

"The Nita Bieber Dancers were also headliners in Las Vegas: theyperformed at the El Rancho Vegas in 1951, along with Benny Goodman; andin 1952, the Frontier showcased the Nita Bieber Dancers (they were ingood company, other acts in the Frontier at that time were the MarxBrothers, Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. , JosephineBaker and April Stevens). Though Nita is now retired from showbusiness, her fans have fond memories of her and great dancing. Nita'slongtime hobbies include cats and paintings. .

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There is the list of movies, where Nita Bieber was taked part:
1 The Jolson Story movie The Jolson Story 1946 as Dancer in nightclub revue
2 A Lady Without Passport movie A Lady Without Passport 1950 as Cuban Dancer
3 Don Cornell Sings movie Don Cornell Sings 1952 as Herself - Dancer
4 Jerry Gray and the Band of Today movie Jerry Gray and the Band of Today 1950 as Herself (and the Nita Bieber Dancers)
5 Kilroy Was Here movie Kilroy Was Here 1947 as Waitress
6 Kismet movie Kismet 1955 as Samaris
7 Little Miss Broadway movie Little Miss Broadway 1947 as Dancer
8 Millies Daughter movie Millies Daughter 1947 as Model
9 News Hounds movie News Hounds 1947 as Mame
10 Rhythm and Weep movie Rhythm and Weep 1946 as Hilda
11 Summer Stock movie Summer Stock 1950 as Sarah Higgins
12 Talk About a Lady movie Talk About a Lady 1946 as Chorus Girl
13 The Lone Wolf in Mexico movie The Lone Wolf in Mexico 1947 as Hotel Maid
14 The Prince Who Was a Thief movie The Prince Who Was a Thief 1951 as Cahuena
15 Hey Moe, Hey Dad! movie Hey Moe, Hey Dad! 2015 as Various characters
There is the list of some articles of Nita Bieber:
  • "The Catalina Islander" (USA), 16 November 2007, Vol. 95, Iss. 46, pg. Cover story, 1, 4, "Movie Dancer Avalon's Nita Wall"
There is the list of some printed articles of Nita Gale Bieber:
  • "Pageant Magazine" (USA), May 1950, Vol. 8, Iss. 11, pg. 59-62, by: Pageant Magazine, "Inside Article " What is Love""
  • "Monee Magazine" (USA), May 1949, pg. 2, by: Monee Magazine, "Nita Bieber Herself"
  • "American Photography Magazine" (USA), May 1944, pg. 1, by: American Photography Magazine, "Nita Bieber Dancer"
The image of Nita Gale Bieber was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Pace Magazine Cover" (USA), June 1950
  • "Life Magazine" (USA), 28 November 1949
There is the list of some quotes of Nita Bieber:
  • Nita (striking a cute pose): "I have to watch my figure." Leo Gorcey: "All of us are watching it!"
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