Kristina Birk

as Rasputin's Acolyte in the movie Greatest Mysteries

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Kristina Birk is a Ukrainian-born American actress, producer, andwriter. She is the middle child of a Soviet cobbler and a nurse. Afterthe collapse of the Soviet Union, Kristina's family moved from Ukraine,and started traveling internationally, which led to her ability tospeak five languages. After completing bachelor's degree at the Academy of National Economy in2009 and her Master's by 2010, Kristina joined the Moscow Art Theatre,where she studied Stanislavsky and then - The Neighborhood Playhouse,the original Meisner technique school in New York City.

Sincegraduating Kristina has worked on film with Debbie Isitt, NiccoQuiñones, Travel Channel and the upcoming commercial for the new brandWhatwatch in which she performed as a lead. In 2013, she joined The Orphans Productions based in NYC, which led toher involvement with six original theatre and film projects produced bythe group - three plays, two short films and the web series "Adultish". Two of the plays produced by the Orphans Productions ("In Thunder,Lightning, In Rain! and "The Legion") were written by Kristina. .

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There is the list of movies, where Kristina Birk was taked part:
1 Greatest Mysteries movie Greatest Mysteries 2013 as Rasputin's Acolyte
2 HOMEWARD. movie HOMEWARD. 2014 as Partygoer
3 Nativity 3: Dude, Wheres My Donkey?! movie Nativity 3: Dude, Wheres My Donkey?! 2014 as Carol singer
4 Adultish movie Adultish 2014 as Kristina
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