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as Susie Bates in the movie A Boy, a Girl and a Bike

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Was born at 22 August 1925 (now is 93 years old) in Plaistow, London, England, UK

Comparing this sultry-eyed blonde to 'Greta Garbo' and'Marlene Dietrich' may seem a bit overzealous, but HonorBlackman's stylish allure over the years cannot be denied. One of four children, Blackman was born in London's East End to astatistician father employed with the civil service and a homemakermother. She received diction lessons as a teenager and later attendedthe Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She temporarily followed inher father's footsteps with a job in the civil service, and then was,of all things, a dispatch rider during World War II.

This is where shedeveloped some of her trademark athleticism. Blackman received her first acting work on stage in London's West End asan understudy for "The Guinea Pig". She continued with roles in "TheGleam" (1946) and "The Blind Goddess" (1947), before moving into film. She debuted with Fame Is the Spur (1947) , starring'Michael Redgrave' . In that picture, Blackman dies from ahorse-riding accident.

This film established the strange patternwherein many of her movie characters meet untimely deaths. Signed upwith the Rank Organisation, Blackman joined several other starlethopefuls who were being groomed for greater fame. She was initiallycast as demure, pleasant young things or "English Rose" types andreceived dependable but unmemorable costar billing in films such as Daughter of Darkness (1948) (1948), Quartet (1948) , A Boy, a Girl and a Bike (1949) (1949), So Long at the Fair (1950) (1950) and Green Grow the Rushes (1951) (1951), the last starring a young'Richard Burton (I)' . Hollywood also took brief notice when shewas cast as the second lead femme in MGM's Conspirator (1949) (1949), starring 'Elizabeth Taylor (I)' and'Robert Taylor (I)' . The stress and struggles of advancing her career coupled with a divorcefrom her first husband, Bill Sankey, caused Blackman to suffer anervous collapse in the mid-1950s.

After a brief time recovering in ahospital, she regained her health and began rebuilding her career withrather obligatory B-level fare, at first. That reentry culminated witha costarring role in one of the more famous retellings of the tragic"Titanic" tale, A Night to Remember (1958) (1958), costarring'Kenneth More' and 'David McCallum (I)' . Developing a solidfooting again, she filmed The Square Peg (1958) (1959) withcomedian 'Norman Wisdom' and A Matter of WHO (1961) (1961)with 'Terry-Thomas' . TV series work then also came her way, notably with the highly popular "The Avengers" (1961) , costarring 'Patrick Macnee' as JohnSteed. As the leather-clad "Mrs.

Cathy Gale", Blackman showcased herincredible beauty, self-confidence, and athletic derring-do. Heradmirable qualities made her not only a catch for the men, but also aninspirational figure for the 1960s feminist movement. Blackman left theshow at its peak, however, and was replaced by the equally assertiveand popular 'Diana Rigg (I)' as "Mrs. Emma Peel". Not out of work long, Blackman took on the role of Greek goddess "Hera"in popular movie adventure Jason and the Argonauts (1963) (1963)with marvelous 'Ray Harryhausen' and melodrama Life at the Top (1965) (1965) with 'Laurence Harvey (I)' .

She then filmed the most popular role of her career: "Pussy Galore". Inthe classic "James Bond" movie Goldfinger (1964) (1964),Blackman went toe to toe with 'Sean Connery' 's womanizing "007"and created major sparks on screen, managing to outclass the(wink-wink) double meaning of her character's name. That resurgence of popularity should have led to better filmopportunities but did not. Blackman toiled for the most part inlow-level melodramas and routine adventures. She earned raves on stage,however, as the blind heroine of the thriller "Wait Until Dark" as wellas for her dual roles in "Mr.

and Mrs. ", a production based on two of'Noël Coward' 's plays. She also enjoyed working occasionally withher second husband, actor 'Maurice Kaufmann' , in the play "MoveOver, Mrs. Markham" and the film thriller Fright (1971) with'Susan George (I)' . On stage, she became a throaty-voicedsensation in various musicals, such as "A Little Night Music", "TheSound of Music", "On Your Toes", and "Nunsense".

Divorced from Kaufmann in 1975 (he died in 1997), Blackman neverremarried. The couple adopted two children in the late 1960s, Lottieand Barnaby. Now an octogenarian, the ever-lovely and still glamorousstar performs frequently, more recently working in the long-runningEnglish hit comedy series "The Upper Hand" (1990) and in herone-woman stage show, "Wayward Ladies". .

There is some small facts about Honor Blackman:
  • (1995) Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#51).
  • 23 June 1962: Filmed her first "The Avengers" (1961) episode, "The Avengers" (1961) {Death Dispatch (#2.13)} .
  • 20 March 1964: Filmed her final "The Avengers" (1961) episode, "The Avengers" (1961) {Lobster Quadrille (#3.26)} .
  • Education: Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, England
  • Honor is involved with an organization called Fairtrade, which aims to ensure that third world producers get treated fairly and can make a living from their work.
  • Credits her father for her acting career because on her fifteenth birthday he offered her a choice - a bicycle or elocution classes. She chose the classes.
  • She allegedly declined a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) honour in 2002.
  • Extensively studied judo while starring in "The Avengers" (1961) . Became so proficient with the martial art, she performed many of her own stunts.
  • Was 39 when she appeared in Goldfinger (1964) , making her the oldest actress to play a Bond girl until 2015, when 'Monica Bellucci' set a new record in Spectre (2015/I) aged 51.
  • Has 2 adopted children with her 2nd husband 'Maurice Kaufmann' - a daughter named Lottie Kaufmann (b.1967) and a son named Barnaby Kaufmann (b.1968).
  • Her brother Ken died at age 35.
  • Was previously a supporter of the Liberal Party of Great Britain. Since 2007, had been a supporter of the Liberal-Democrat Party of Great Britain.
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There is the list of movies, where Honor Blackman was taked part:
1 A Boy, a Girl and a Bike movie A Boy, a Girl and a Bike 1949 as Susie Bates
2 A Sense of Belonging movie A Sense of Belonging 1962 as Herself - Narrator
3 Behind the Scenes with Goldfinger movie Behind the Scenes with Goldfinger 1995 as Herself/Pussy Galore
4 Behind the Scenes with Thunderball movie Behind the Scenes with Thunderball 1995 as Herself/Pussy Galore
5 Bonds Are Forever movie Bonds Are Forever 1983 as Pussy Galore/Herself
6 Girls! Girls! Girls! The 1960s movie Girls! Girls! Girls! The 1960s 2009 as Herself
7 Goldfinger Original Promotional Featurette movie Goldfinger Original Promotional Featurette 1964 as Pussy Galore
8 Jack Brown and the Curse of the Crown movie Jack Brown and the Curse of the Crown 2004 as Madeline Dubouir
9 Kings of Cool the Classic Crooners movie Kings of Cool the Classic Crooners 2004 as Herself - Narrator
10 Premiere Bond: Opening Nights movie Premiere Bond: Opening Nights 2006 as Herself
11 Summer Solstice movie Summer Solstice 2005 as Countess Lucinda Reeves
12 The 100 Greatest Sex Symbols movie The 100 Greatest Sex Symbols 2007 as Herself
13 The Best of So Graham Norton movie The Best of So Graham Norton 2004 as Herself
14 The Bunny Years movie The Bunny Years 1999 as Narrator (UK version)
15 The Cat and the Canary movie The Cat and the Canary 1978 as Susan Sillsby
16 The Nations Favourite Bond Song movie The Nations Favourite Bond Song 2015 as Herself
17 The Secret Adversary movie The Secret Adversary 1983 as Rita Vandemeyer
18 The Secret of My Success movie The Secret of My Success 1965 as Lily, Baroness von Lukenberg
19 The Stars of the Street: 50 Years, 50 Classic Characters movie The Stars of the Street: 50 Years, 50 Classic Characters 2010 as Rula Romanoff
20 The Virgin and the Gypsy movie The Virgin and the Gypsy 1970 as Mrs. Fawcett
21 To the Devil a Daughter movie To the Devil a Daughter 1976 as Anna Fountain
22 Top on Television movie Top on Television 1964 as Herself - Presenter
23 VE Day: Remembering Victory movie VE Day: Remembering Victory 2015 as Herself - Aged 19 on VE Day
24 Welcome to Japan, Mr. Bond movie Welcome to Japan, Mr. Bond 1967 as Pussy Galore
25 Celebrity Antiques Road Trip movie Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 2011 as Herself
26 Celebrity Ready, Steady, Cook movie Celebrity Ready, Steady, Cook 1997 as Herself
27 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents movie Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents 1953 as Kathy
28 Entertainment UK movie Entertainment UK 1990 as Herself - Interviewee
29 Film Fanfare movie Film Fanfare 1956 as Herself - Quiz contestant
30 Friday Night with Jonathan Ross movie Friday Night with Jonathan Ross 2001 as Herself
31 Going Going Gone movie Going Going Gone 1995 as Herself - Team Captain
32 In Performance movie In Performance 1978 as Juno / Empress Eugenie
33 Probation Officer movie Probation Officer 1959 as Iris Cope (1959-1960)
34 The American Embassy movie The American Embassy 2002 as Mrs. Wellington
35 The Armando Iannucci Shows movie The Armando Iannucci Shows 2001 as Ivy Diner
36 The First Olympics: Athens 1896 movie The First Olympics: Athens 1896 1984 as Madam Ursula Schumann
37 The Name of the Game movie The Name of the Game 1968 as Bethany Cromwell
38 The Natural World movie The Natural World 1983 as Herself - narrator
39 The Paul OGrady Show movie The Paul OGrady Show 2004 as Herself - Guest
40 The Saturday Night Armistice movie The Saturday Night Armistice 1995 as Herself
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There is the list of some quotes of Honor Blackman:
  • Most of the Bond girls have been bimbos. I have never been a bimbo.
  • I hate that term. They can call other people Bond girls, but I don't like it, for the simple reason that that character would have been a good character in any film, not just a Bond film. I consider Bond girls to be those ladies who took one look at Bond and fell on their backs. Whereas Pussy Galore was quite a character.
  • [About the Rank charm school] And please don't confuse me with people who were in the charm school. Everybody's always saying I came from the charm school, which Iv never did. People in the charm school were picked off the street and hadn't had any training at ten pounds a week. And I was picked off the West End stage at a hundred pounds a week, which was a lot of money then. The charm school people used to walk about with books on their heads. Mind you, some very good people came out of the harm school. Diana Dors was one. She was a great mate of mine through a couple of pictures.
  • [speaking about sex in modern films (2012)] It's like sex scenes, they were more powerful in the Sixties because they were all about suggestion. Now nothing is left to the imagination, everyone humps everyone else, all over the place. I find that boring, frankly.
  • [on 'Sean Connery' in 2012] I disapprove of him strongly now. Because I don't think you should accept a title from a country and then pay absolutely no tax towards it. He wants it both ways. I don't think his principles are very high.
  • [on former British Prime Minister 'Margaret Thatcher (I)' following her death in 2013] She was a powerful figure, but she did damn all for empowering women. She didn't surround herself with any women whatsoever or encourage women to come into politics or do anything in particular. She could have been a quite wonderful role model.
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