Alanna Blair

as Jenny Grotek in the movie Raise Your Kids on Seltzer

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Real name is Alanna Rose Blair

Alanna Blair is a professional actor, musician and dj in New York City. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Alanna was active in its community theaterscene since childhood, booking her first lead role as eternal optimistPollyanna at 15. Alanna also studied piano throughout childhood, laterlearning mallet percussion and guitar while she attended GermantownHigh School and hung out at Strings N Things, Memphis's legendaryguitar store. She spent a year studying music performance at TheUniversity of Memphis before switching gears and attending CaliforniaInstitute of the Arts' School of Theater, where she also studied musicperformance and creative writing.

Performances at CalArts included "TheBacchae" directed by dance-theater visionary Mira Kingsley and theworld premier of trans-Atlantic drama "Final Flight from Heathrow". Over one summer break she played her first feature film lead in theurban drama "Frogtown", set in the isolation of the Los Angeles Rivercanals. After graduating CalArts, Alanna found her home in New York City's indiearts scene. She sang and played live in the outrageous musical comedy"Manson: The Musical". Her solo adaptation of "The Waste Land" by TSEliot took her to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and she co-created thetwo-woman rooftop drama "Above Us" for the New York Fringe Festival.

Anongoing collaboration with filmmaker Daniel Kremer, spans five films(so far), each shot in a fluid, improv-focused style. On the sci-fitip, Alanna portrayed lead character's Tom's fed-up fiancé in the indieseries "Pioneer One". Most recently, Alanna made a cameo as the newneighbor of Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton in the indie drama " LifeItself", directed by Rupert Goold. Alanna teamed up with "Manson" co-star Alex Dunbar and his friend JSteinberg to form the epic garage-funk-punk band SABABARocksyourfaceoff. She also became involved in NYC's drum & bass sceneas the DJ Bulletproof Tiger, half dnb duo TankTop NYC, and a member ofDNB Girls, Natural Selection and Carbon Based Beats.

Her djing andacting worlds merged in the webseries "Hustling", where she portrayed adj and scored two scenes. Alanna lives in Astoria with her partner Billy and their cat Preston. .

There is some small facts about Alanna Blair:
  • Alanna is the drum and bass dj Bulletproof Tiger. She is also half of the dj duo TankTop NYC.
  • She plays bass guitar in the funk-punk band Sababa Rocksyourfaceoff.
  • Alanna plays bass guitar, guitar, piano, marimba and vibraphone.
  • After graduating Germantown High School, Alanna attended University of Memphis, where she studied music performance in mallet percussion. She played pit in the University of Memphis' marching band and was a member of Music City Mystique, a Nashville-based winter drum corps.
  • Alanna is a trained stunt performer and does all her characters' stunts, including the 20-foot freefall into a reservoir in Frogtown.
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There is the list of movies, where Alanna Blair was taked part:
1 Raise Your Kids on Seltzer movie Raise Your Kids on Seltzer 2015 as Jenny Grotek
2 5 Flights Up movie 5 Flights Up 2014 as Young Wife
3 A Simple Game of Catch movie A Simple Game of Catch 2012 as Emily 'Chazz' Powell
4 Ezer Kenegdo movie Ezer Kenegdo 2016 as Leah Devorah Salazer
5 Frogtown movie Frogtown 2011 as Cassie
6 Marin Blue movie Marin Blue 2009 as Patient
7 One Corner Surfacing movie One Corner Surfacing 2014 as Mysterious/Maya/Marie
8 Precious Wheels Above movie Precious Wheels Above 2016 as Mysty
9 Sunset Park movie Sunset Park 2016 as Scarlet's Friend
10 The Idiotmakers Gravity Tour movie The Idiotmakers Gravity Tour 2011 as Megan the Végan
11 Blue Bloods movie Blue Bloods 2010 as Cecilia Kampling
12 Girls movie Girls 2012 as Afterparty DJ
13 Hustling movie Hustling 2011 as DJ
14 Pioneer One movie Pioneer One 2010 as Susan
15 The Carrie Diaries movie The Carrie Diaries 2013 as Patti Smith
16 The Good Wife movie The Good Wife 2009 as Surly Bride
17 Unforgettable movie Unforgettable 2011 as MCS Detective
18 Younger movie Younger 2015 as DJ
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