Ellen Blake

as Nurse #1 in the movie A Love Affair: The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story

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Was born at 12 September 1943 (now is 75 years old) in Glasgow, Scotland, UK
There is some small facts about Ellen Blake:
  • She made guest appearances on both of the longest running prime time dramas in US television history: "Gunsmoke" (1955) and "Law & Order" (1990) .
Also look some video clip about Ellen Blake:
There is the list of movies, where Ellen Blake was taked part:
1 A Love Affair: The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story movie A Love Affair: The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story 1977 as Nurse #1
2 The Day the Earth Moved movie The Day the Earth Moved 1974 as Evelyn Ferguson
3 Hill Street Blues movie Hill Street Blues 1981 as Desk Clerk Natalie DeRoy
4 Acts of Worship movie Acts of Worship 2001 as Sammy's Mom
5 Blind Horizon movie Blind Horizon 2003 as Helsa
6 Cannery Row movie Cannery Row 1982 as Wisteria
7 Chameleon movie Chameleon 1978 as Girl
8 Coffy movie Coffy 1973 as Nurse II
9 Deadly Game movie Deadly Game 1977 as Waitress
10 Eleanor and Franklin movie Eleanor and Franklin 1976 as Maid
11 Harry and Walter Go to New York movie Harry and Walter Go to New York 1976 as Cleaning Lady
12 Intimate Strangers movie Intimate Strangers 1977 as Bridget
13 Last Resort movie Last Resort 1986 as Dorothy Cocoran
14 My Fathers House movie My Fathers House 1975 as Nurse
15 Promise Him Anything movie Promise Him Anything 1975 as Housewife
16 Race Against Time: The Search for Sarah movie Race Against Time: The Search for Sarah 1996 as Maid
17 Silver Skies movie Silver Skies 2014 as Tough Gal
18 Survival of Dana movie Survival of Dana 1979 as Mrs. Honfi
19 Suspect Zero movie Suspect Zero 2004 as Dolly
20 Terror Out of the Sky movie Terror Out of the Sky 1978 as Agent
21 The Being movie The Being 1983 as Jenny
22 The Betty Ford Story movie The Betty Ford Story 1987 as Sandra
23 The Jordan Chance movie The Jordan Chance 1978 as Anita
24 The Last Starfighter movie The Last Starfighter 1984 as Clara Potter
25 The Solitary Man movie The Solitary Man 1979 as Landlady
26 To My Daughter movie To My Daughter 1990 as Sean Six
27 Two of a Kind movie Two of a Kind 1982 as Berta
28 Wyatt Earp movie Wyatt Earp 1994 as Paris
29 Younger and Younger movie Younger and Younger 1993 as Sally
30 Bay City Blues movie Bay City Blues 1983 as Nicki
31 CHiPs movie CHiPs 1977 as Ruth
32 Cyphers movie Cyphers 2010 as Consuella
33 Gunsmoke movie Gunsmoke 1955 as Mrs. Belnap
34 Hawaii Five-O movie Hawaii Five-O 1968 as Sophie
35 Knots Landing movie Knots Landing 1979 as Female Alcoholic
36 L.A. Law movie L.A. Law 1986 as Elizabeth Brand
37 Law & Order movie Law & Order 1990 as Ruth Zona
38 Lou Grant movie Lou Grant 1977 as Emmaline
39 Night Gallery movie Night Gallery 1969 as Evil Woman (segment "There Aren't Any More MacBanes")
40 Picket Fences movie Picket Fences 1992 as Wanda
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