Rosemary Blake

as Elsa Beale in the movie A Pin to See the Peepshow

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There is the list of movies, where Rosemary Blake was taked part:
1 A Pin to See the Peepshow movie A Pin to See the Peepshow 1973 as Elsa Beale
2 The Ballad of Tam Lin movie The Ballad of Tam Lin 1970 as Kate
3 Whats New Pussycat movie Whats New Pussycat 1965 as Miss Pringle
4 Angels movie Angels 1975 as Carol Hunt
5 Clayhanger movie Clayhanger 1976 as Clara Benbow
6 Coronation Street movie Coronation Street 1960 as Paula
7 Holding On movie Holding On 1977 as Susan
8 Kate movie Kate 1970 as Junior Librarian
9 Then and Now movie Then and Now 1973 as Christine
10 Within These Walls movie Within These Walls 1974 as Bette
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