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as Felicidad Noriega in the movie Noriega: Gods Favorite

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Denise Blasor was born in France, educated in Italy and of Puerto Ricanparents; she returned to the island during her teens until she moved toChicago and joined the St. Nicholas Theater Ensemble working with'Steven Schachter' and 'William H. Macy' . She later became aLos Angeles regular on the theatre scene, working at the OdysseyTheatre, Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, South Coast RepertoryTheatre, Mark Taper Forum, LATC.

She also began working on independentfeatures, cartoon voices such as Adelie Chica in'George Miller (II)' Oscar Winner Film Happy Feet (2006) and guest starred in several TV Pilots. While starring in the titlerole of "Yerma" by 'Federico Garcia Lorca', she was seen by producer'Moctesuma Esparza' . Impressed by her stunning, heart-wrenchingperformance, he cast her in The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca (1996) with'Esai Morales' and 'Andy Garcia (I)' . She portrayed SpanishDiva 'Margarita Xirgu' who was Lorca's main stage actress and thestar of "Yerma. " Denise continues to produce, direct, write and performon stage.

She is Artistic Director of L. A. Diversified and hasperformed in Mexico, Spain, and the United States. She now directs forBilingual Foundation of the Arts and has been nominated best directorfor various productions. .

There is some small facts about Denise Blasor:
  • She has designed sets, costumes, masks and has also won awards for her designs and photo collage work.
  • Has adapted Spanish and Russian classic plays for the stage. She performed with Bud Cort in her production of "He Who Get's Slapped".
  • Noriega: God's favorite was nominated by the 2001 Alma Awards for Outstanding Made for TV movie and Outstanding Latino Cast in a made for TV movie. Denise Blasor played Felicidad Noriega opposite Bob Hoskins.
  • Death In Granada was nominated Best Motion Picture in 1998 Imagen Awards and won for Best Motion Picture. Denise Blasor played Margarita Xirgu/Yerma in Death in Granada.
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There is the list of movies, where Denise Blasor was taked part:
1 Noriega: Gods Favorite movie Noriega: Gods Favorite 2000 as Felicidad Noriega
2 The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca movie The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca 1996 as Yerma
3 A mi amor mi dulce movie A mi amor mi dulce 2003 as Tutti
4 Dentro de la Casa de Bernarda Alba movie Dentro de la Casa de Bernarda Alba 2015 as Maria Josefa
5 Happy Feet movie Happy Feet 2006 as Adélie Chica
6 Happy Feet Two movie Happy Feet Two 2011 as Adelie Chica
7 Left movie Left 2005 as Manny's Mother
8 Love Simple movie Love Simple 2009 as Woman
9 Missing Pieces movie Missing Pieces 2000 as Voice
10 One Weekend movie One Weekend 2014 as Grandmother
11 The Portraits Secret movie The Portraits Secret 2017 as Gloria
12 Universl movie Universl 1997 as Maria
13 Zero Hour movie Zero Hour 2013 as Voiceover
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There is the list of some quotes of Denise Blasor:
  • I live for the present...always...and acting helps me do just that!
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