Beatrice Blinn

as First-Aid Worker in the movie A Blitz on the Fritz

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Was born at 7 July 1901 in Forest County, Wisconsin, USA . Died at 31 March 1979, Oceanside, California, USA
There is some small facts about Beatrice Blinn:
  • Brunette supporting actress of the 1930's and 40's, best known for frequent appearances in Three Stooges shorts.
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There is the list of movies, where Beatrice Blinn was taked part:
1 A Blitz on the Fritz movie A Blitz on the Fritz 1943 as First-Aid Worker
2 A Star Is Shorn movie A Star Is Shorn 1939 as Botswaddle's Secretary
3 And So They Were Married movie And So They Were Married 1936 as Hotel Guest
4 Andy Clyde Gets Spring Chicken movie Andy Clyde Gets Spring Chicken 1939 as Betty - Andy's Daughter
5 Nothing But Pleasure movie Nothing But Pleasure 1940 as Intoxicated Woman
6 Violent Is the Word for Curly movie Violent Is the Word for Curly 1938 as Brainy Astronomy Student
7 When G-Men Step In movie When G-Men Step In 1938 as Brunette Secretary
8 Hey Moe, Hey Dad! movie Hey Moe, Hey Dad! 2015 as Various characters
9 A Dangerous Adventure movie A Dangerous Adventure 1937 as Carter's Secretary
10 Art Trouble movie Art Trouble 1934 as Girl at nightclub
11 Blackmailer movie Blackmailer 1936 as Maid
12 Cafe Hostess movie Cafe Hostess 1940 as Daisy
13 Calling All Curs movie Calling All Curs 1939 as Nurse
14 Convicted Woman movie Convicted Woman 1940 as May Sorenson
15 Crash Goes the Hash movie Crash Goes the Hash 1944 as Party Guest
16 Dangerous Intrigue movie Dangerous Intrigue 1936 as Teacher
17 Dont Gamble with Love movie Dont Gamble with Love 1936 as Telephone Operator
18 False Alarms movie False Alarms 1936 as Mimi
19 Flying G-Men movie Flying G-Men 1939 as Brewster's Secretary
20 Girls Can Play movie Girls Can Play 1937 as Mae
21 Girls School movie Girls School 1938 as Teacher
22 Golden Boy movie Golden Boy 1939 as Anna
23 Good Girls Go to Paris movie Good Girls Go to Paris 1939 as Woman in Ticket Line
24 Halfway to Hollywood movie Halfway to Hollywood 1938 as Mrs. Thompson
25 Holiday movie Holiday 1938 as Maid
26 Homicide Bureau movie Homicide Bureau 1939 as Secretary
27 Lost Horizon movie Lost Horizon 1937 as Passenger
28 Mr. Deeds Goes to Town movie Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1936 as Assistant Secretary
29 My Son Is Guilty movie My Son Is Guilty 1939 as Phone Girl
30 North of Shanghai movie North of Shanghai 1939 as Undetermined Role
31 Paid to Dance movie Paid to Dance 1937 as Lois
32 Pick a Peck of Plumbers movie Pick a Peck of Plumbers 1944 as Bridge Party Lady
33 Pie a la Maid movie Pie a la Maid 1938 as Waitress
34 Scandal Sheet movie Scandal Sheet 1939 as Secretary
35 Slippery Silks movie Slippery Silks 1936 as Sales Clerk
36 Static in the Attic movie Static in the Attic 1939 as Mrs. Williams
37 Stop! Look! and Laugh! movie Stop! Look! and Laugh! 1960 as Nurse
38 Termites of 1938 movie Termites of 1938 1938 as Guest
39 The Awful Goof movie The Awful Goof 1939 as Bridesmaid
40 The Big Squirt movie The Big Squirt 1937 as Secretary
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