Heather Bloom

as Vanessa Renairdo in the movie Billy the Exterminator

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Heather was born and raised in a farming community near St. Paul,Minnesota, and has been a fighter all her life. When pneumonia hit atage six, it put Heather into a plastic bubble but it could not keep herthere. Time indoors turned Heather into a voracious reader, pouringover Encyclopedia Britannica articles for hours at a time.

Her healthbegan to improve dramatically, as did her creativity and knowledge ofmusic, art, film, and literature. She and her highly imaginativefriends were always seen around the neighborhood creating, writing,acting in, and producing plays or improvising sensational mysteries andaction adventures. After graduation, Heather moved to Montana where she met and married herhusband Andrew of the USAF. His career allowed them to travel and livein many interesting locales, and through the years Heather has done itall! She has volunteered her time to various local productions acting,singing, set painting & construction, casting, coaching, wardrobe &makeup. But only recently did things begin to get serious.

Heather was asked to host a local cable show interviewing politicians,business owners, community leaders, and noted celebrities. This time onscreen, along with the burgeoning influx of film opportunities inLouisiana after Hurricane Katrina, opened the door to beingTaft-Hartleyed on her very first film, "Factory Girl". The late GeorgeHickenlooper (director of the acclaimed "Casino Jack") urged her to getan agent and told her that her talents were undisputed. Since then shehas continued to train and work steadily on several other independentfilms, television shows, and commercials. She has had the privilege ofappearing onscreen with Kevin Costner, Samuel L.

Jackson, JohnSchneider, William Devane, Ashton Kutcher, Ron Perlman, Nicolas Cage,Christopher Walken, Christian Slater, and many other gifted performers. Since Hollywood practically showed up on her back doorstep, she and hermanagement team decided to create a series of video diaries to giveviewers a peek into some of the highs & lows behind the scenes. Herwebsite includes not only the vlogs, but also her humorous essays,insights, original poems, and a store featuring her "Purrzone' Bloom"handbags, as well as many more projects in the works. To Heather'ssurprise, complete strangers often approach her in restaurants andclubs to ask if she is in the film business. Repeated requests for herautograph and photo (without even knowing her name) happen so oftenthat Heather is convinced this is one career that isn't going away anytime soon!.

There is some small facts about Heather Bloom:
  • Gave up her dream to pursue a career in broadcast journalism to raise her two children and support her spouse's career in the armed forces.
  • Almost died from several severe bouts of pneumonia as a child.
  • Born in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • Auditioned for the role of Liesl in her school play but was told by the director that she was "too sensual". A few days later she was cast as a nun.
  • Purchased a live boa constrictor from a pet store for an audition as Medusa,only to find out later that the role was scratched from the film.
  • Favorite fitness routine is "Power Swinging".
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There is the list of movies, where Heather Bloom was taked part:
1 Billy the Exterminator movie Billy the Exterminator 2009 as Vanessa Renairdo
2 A Day with Neil movie A Day with Neil 2015 as Neil's Mom
3 American Pride movie American Pride 2016 as Kelly
4 Anything for the Game movie Anything for the Game 2009 as Susan Poise
5 Bad Buddha movie Bad Buddha 2014 as Jase's Mom
6 Cleaner movie Cleaner 2007 as Reunion Friend
7 Cottonmouth Creek movie Cottonmouth Creek 2009 as Bartender
8 Defending Dr. Karl movie Defending Dr. Karl 2009 as Veronica
9 Factory Girl movie Factory Girl 2006 as The Other Woman
10 Flag of My Father movie Flag of My Father 2011 as Yvonne Poole
11 Innocents Way: The Short movie Innocents Way: The Short 2009 as Lady 2
12 John movie John 2012 as Candi
13 Scrape movie Scrape 2013 as Nicole the Jogger
14 Sunny in the Dark movie Sunny in the Dark 2016 as Agnes
15 The Power of Few movie The Power of Few 2013 as Woman in Space Bar
16 The Remnants movie The Remnants 2013 as Barbara
17 Within Us movie Within Us 2007 as Elaine
18 Salem movie Salem 2014 as Jane Alden
19 Star-Crossed movie Star-Crossed 2014 as Julia's Mother
20 Your Worst Nightmare movie Your Worst Nightmare 2014 as Nancy Ludwig
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