Verona Blue

as Lizard Girl in the movie CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

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Verona Blue is originally from Toronto but arrived in Los Angeles by wayof Bristol and London, where she received classical, conservatorytraining in voice, movement and text at the Bristol Old Vic TheatreSchool. She excels at weapons and combat, holds a BADC advanced certificateunder Fight Master Jonathan Howell, and is extremely easy to find at anairport. Realising her niche was strong, but limited, Verona began creating herown opportunities with a group creative friends and colleagues. Herfirst film (and reel!) "Elizabeth" won Best Editing and was nominatedfor Best Actress at the Indie Horror Film Festival in Chicago in 2013.

With a professional background in web development and extensiveexperience working on film industry related websites, she has a lotgoing on. Verona lives in east Los Angeles with her husband and their 5 dogs. .

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There is the list of movies, where Verona Blue was taked part:
1 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation movie CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2000 as Lizard Girl
2 Bad Ass Bikers movie Bad Ass Bikers 2012 as Cage Fan
3 Drone Wars movie Drone Wars 2016 as Zane
4 Erasing Eden movie Erasing Eden 2015 as Lila
5 Fuse movie Fuse 2010 as FM
6 I Wont Be Your Mirror movie I Wont Be Your Mirror 2012 as Punk Rocker
7 Real Heroes movie Real Heroes 2014 as Titania
8 Whodamndunnit? movie Whodamndunnit? 2012 as Verona
9 1000 Ways to Die movie 1000 Ways to Die 2008 as Verona the Tattooist
10 CollegeHumor Originals movie CollegeHumor Originals 2006 as Hair Dresser
11 Epic Rap Battles of History movie Epic Rap Battles of History 2010 as Boushh
12 Fear Force Five movie Fear Force Five 2014 as Vera (2014)
13 Married movie Married 2014 as Pregnant Woman
14 Mom movie Mom 2013 as Menacing Woman
15 Shameless movie Shameless 2011 as Stoner Girl
16 The Shop movie The Shop 2012 as Interviewee
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